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Where would social media be without the informational content that spurs engaging conversations? Attending this year’s Social Media Week Lagos were a number of content creators from across the world who understand the key role that social media plays in pushing content forward. As a Social Media Week Lagos press partner, AFKInsider has positioned itself…

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A group of 30 senior executives and members of the international press listened attentively as SMWLagos Advisory Board member Claudine Moore delivered her highly-anticipated master class on Tuesday morning. The first slide appropriately featured a famous Benjamin Franklin quotation: “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and one bad one to lose it.”…

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SMW14 is almost here and it seems every day we’re making a big announcement… And this one we’re super excited about! The uber talented, smart and ever stylish Femi Oke has been announced as a keynote speaker for Social Media Week Lagos! British by birth, Nigerian by parentage and a Washingtonian by zip code, Femi is…

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In Nigeria and across the globe, many entrepreneurs and companies are hard at work, striving to launch the next big digital innovation that will push the music industry to new frontiers. Last week, we presented you with NotJustOK, Spinlet and iRoking, three websites that not only provide its many users with the latest Nigerian music, but…

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Someone once defined twitter as a global chat room, where millions of users visit to share tweets using text, and links to photos, videos, and other content formats in 140 characters or less. With half-a-billion (500,000,000) tweets published daily on the platform (and an expected 1 billion tweets per day in 2014), here are some…

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After watching Curtis Fields perform the song Opposites Attract at the BET Awards last weekend, strumming a guitar on a smartphone in front of  a live audience , I thought I’d seen everything. Then I came across Oluseyi Asurf of Asurf Films – the man who learned everything he knows about filmmaking from watching YouTube tutorials at night.  Could…

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In most informal debates about youth and media we’re drawn to point out how the ‘West’ is influencing the course of  trends that seem to stick out like a sore thumb on our shores. In this interview, Edlyne Akumu  tells us about  Usanii Lab – an initiative born out the sheer pursuit of knowledge and…

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Facebook statistics for Africa 2013

Why education is the most important factor for the growth of social media marketing in Africa. As I write this post I am contemplating the hows and whys my digital marketing agency Nkanee managed to lose a high profile and well paying client recently. Was it the cost? Was it poor communication? It definitely wasn’t…

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After three days of investigating areas of interest.  The teens at the Ovie Brume Foundation started working on their year long photo documentation series. Esther, Age 10 Focus: Self Portraits, Everyday life Street Scene by Esther, Age 10   Goddfrey Age 18 Focus: Everyday life in Lagos   Atinuke, Age 16 Focus: Young People and…

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Photographer Delphine Fawundu in collaboration with the Ovie Brume Foundation launched a youth photography workshop as a featured event during the Africa’s first Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria.  Nokia generously provided the youths ages 10-18 the opportunity to use the Lumia 920 mobile phones as their documentary tool in this dynamic workshop.    On Wednesday, February…

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On a small button given out to Social Media Week Lagos attendees and speakers on the first day read the hashtag #IMadeHistory. While Social Media Week conferences have been taking place throughout North America, Europe, and Asia for almost five years, the inaugural Social Media Week conference in Africa took place in Lagos, Nigeria on…

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Last year, Mazuba Kapambwe decided to marry her love for Zambia with her social media savvy. C1rca 1964 was born shortly afterwards. Named in honor of the country’s gaining independence in 1964, the company aims to celebrate and encourage the untapped wealth of creative talent located in Kapambwe’s home country. “At C1rca1964 we believe that…

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If you haven’t heard about the recent internet explosion caused by angry Instagram users you may have been living under a rock. The  uproar,  fueled by  the announcement that the popular photo sharing site planned changes to its user service agreement sent bloggers, photographers, models and regular everyday people into a spiral. The new service agreement planned…

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How have non-profits and charities relied on social media? The good folks at MDG Advertising have released a great infographic that explains how 2012 truly was the year of social giving! They have done a great job showcasing how more than ever non-profits and charities across the continent and around the world are turning to…

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SMW infographic-snippet

Need to brush up on your Nigeria factoids before Social Media Week Lagos? Let us help. Use our infographic to get a quick idea of just how prevalent social media and technology is in our great city!   Download: Nigerians + Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] via Social Media Week Lagos Right-click the link and select “Save…

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