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A group of 30 senior executives and members of the international press listened attentively as SMWLagos Advisory Board member Claudine Moore delivered her highly-anticipated master class on Tuesday morning. The first slide appropriately featured a famous Benjamin Franklin quotation: “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and one bad one to lose it.”…

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Now synonymous for search, Google has become the ultimate destination for satisfying one’s curiosity. No question is too simple or silly for the search giant, and users are usually presented with more answers than they have time to explore. At the end of each year, Google releases a series of summary reports showing the search…

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There’s no better time than the beginning of the year for tech entrepreneurs to cast a fresh perspective on their current workflow and outlook. Yet, with all of the multitasking required from an online start-up, taking time out to reassess is no easy feat. Before the first month of the new year comes to a…

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You don't Know Africa Geography Quiz

If you’re bummed out about your lack of knowledge of the continent, have no fear. A geography quiz will help you get started. The You Don’t Know Africa web game challenges you to identify the shapes of African countries while being timed. The game comes from Click That Hood. It’s based on open data by Code…

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Social Media Week (Lagos) is my favourite conference so far, and if you have doubts about that, then read my Top 5 moments from the maiden edition. However, moving to Dublin has its perks. Aside from the tourist attractions, diversity, and breweries, the tech scene here is amazing, and one way to get a good…

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Lagos at night

Making a Case for Nigeria As the Continent’s Technology Leader Earlier this year, technology news website Mashable posed the following question: “Is Lagos Home to an African Tech Movement?” In the article, writer Monty Munford bolstered this consideration by pointing to the West African nation’s innovative residents, emerging tech hubs like CC Hub Nigeria, the…

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a connected africa

While there have been strides in closing the gap, internet penetration across Africa is only 15.6 percent (as of December 2012). It is obvious that the major challenge of growth in social media and digital innovation throughout developing markets is basic access to internet. In this series Kwabena Oppong Boateng will highlight 5 key innovations…

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Tech, Africa & the Diaspora: 3 Questions with Jon Gosier It’s been an interesting road for the self-proclaimed “glorified tech geek” Jon Gosier.  The arts school graduate moved to Uganda in 2008 and founded Appfrica, a tech company that helps corporations enter African markets while providing local talent. The techpreneur has since moved back to…

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In the world of social media, a lot of things happen and they happen fast. However, I  thought to share 5 major highlights since the last Social Media Week, which was awesome not to say the least. (You can read my 5 best moments here). Perhaps the biggest news as at that time was Facebook’s…

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On a small button given out to Social Media Week Lagos attendees and speakers on the first day read the hashtag #IMadeHistory. While Social Media Week conferences have been taking place throughout North America, Europe, and Asia for almost five years, the inaugural Social Media Week conference in Africa took place in Lagos, Nigeria on…

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Despite how heavily dependent on the Internet we have become, a majority of its users do not have a clue as to how it functions. A lack of computer science education in most grade school curriculums and the intimidating nature of such a seemingly omnipotent technology are both to blame for our illiteracy. Thankfully, the…

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Many people drive through Surulere-a popular Local Government in Lagos state of Nigeria-but not many people conceive an idea while doing so. For Chioma Anyanwu, co-founder, her drive through Surulere one fateful day, was the beginning of a worthwhile journey of establishing a social network for Africans.Years later, she began conceptualising the idea along…

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In our Nigerians + Social Media infographic, we gave you a peek into just how connected the country is. Now that you know the basics, we want to take you for a spin around the Internet to see what Nigerians, and more specifically, Lagosians are talking about online. Whether it’s music, fashion, technology, or government,…

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