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Stanbic IBTC

Stanbic ITBC Bank was a part of our #smwInnovatorsEat breakfast series today. The bank spoke about all things money and the future of digital banking. Gbenga Agboola, project manager of for mobile payment solutions at Stanbic ITBC Bank, was able to speak to us about the obstacles for some Nigerians opening accounts and what the…

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Afrobeat panel

African music has only the next three years to capitalize off the western market before people’s attention drift said music producer Rab Bakari to an audience at Social Media Week Lagos. Rab Bakari spoke on the panel “Afro-Beats Abroad: Western Perceptions & Why We Should Care,” as part of the #SMWMusicAfrica conference. Topics included copyright…

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How to fin cheap flights

Social Media Week Lagos is in a month and if you haven’t already, it’s time to buy your plane tickets. You will also need a visa to Nigeria. Information on how to get a tourist visa is here. One of the items you will need for your visa is proof of departure. For many of…

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You don't Know Africa Geography Quiz

If you’re bummed out about your lack of knowledge of the continent, have no fear. A geography quiz will help you get started. The You Don’t Know Africa web game challenges you to identify the shapes of African countries while being timed. The game comes from Click That Hood. It’s based on open data by Code…

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Me pushing a cab in Lasgidi

Lagos is a totally DIFFERENT Beast and in must be fed – From Accra to Lagos by Road. As I write this I know this will be one of the stories I share with my kids and grand kids about my journey to Lagos. Everyone Ghanaian who has ventured into the territory of our bigger…

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Lagos isn’t a travel destination for the faint-hearted, but with some planning you’ll be rewarded with an experience you’ll be talking about for years.What can make your trip run smoother is a bit of planning. Here are some apps that can help you stay organized.  TripIt Before you even step foot in Lagos, get yourself…

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Gabi Smith

Travel isn’t just  fun, but it’s a way to challenge your perspective about the world around you. Founder of Thenublk (The New Black), Gabrielle Smith, shared a little bit about her first time in Africa for Social Media Week Lagos 2013. She described how her perception of Nigeria was challenged, the connections she’s made and how…

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This is a guest post by Deola Kayode Crisis happens. A sub-standard product. Poor customer service. A leaked document. Controversial video, blog post or article. Crisis-laden information spreads with lightening speed on social media. If you consider this list of worst social media disasters in 2011 (mashable complied another list in 2012) and you will…

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Tech, Africa & the Diaspora: 3 Questions with Jon Gosier It’s been an interesting road for the self-proclaimed “glorified tech geek” Jon Gosier.  The arts school graduate moved to Uganda in 2008 and founded Appfrica, a tech company that helps corporations enter African markets while providing local talent. The techpreneur has since moved back to…

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Fela Shrine - Naija Treks

The first Social Media Week on the continent took place earlier this year in Lagos and it will be in full effect again February 17-21 in 2014. If you made it, you understood the impact of this historic event  and will want to get on board again. If you didn’t participate, tough luck. But, hey,…

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For the ultimate in Social Media Week cross city mash-ups, we’re bringing Africa to London! Social Media Week Lagos is honored to be joining forces with SMW London this September to present Africa: Open & Connected. In partnership with world-class art and digital media institution Ravensbourne,  SMW Lagos has curated a day of inspired programming exploring…

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On a small button given out to Social Media Week Lagos attendees and speakers on the first day read the hashtag #IMadeHistory. While Social Media Week conferences have been taking place throughout North America, Europe, and Asia for almost five years, the inaugural Social Media Week conference in Africa took place in Lagos, Nigeria on…

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  Fans of social media  know that Twitter is often entertainment itself!

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Exploring a new city might be daunting at first, but that should not stop Social Media Week attendees from discovering all that Lagos has to offer. To alleviate any possible anxieties, we reached out to Nana Ocran, an international writer and former editor of Time Out Magazine’s Lagos and Abuja travel guides. Ocran not only provided…

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