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Social Media Week: A Collaboration

Social Media Week is unique on a number of levels: It’s the first attempt to host multiple conferences simultaneously using a distributed model.  It’s collaborative and co-curated, meaning that the programming and content reflects the needs of the local market, rather than being the prescribed vision of one group of organizers. It’s free to attend and to register events, which results in better curation of the programming, a more targeted audience and less friction in the way people and organizations participate. View past speakers.

Participation however,  would not be possible without the support from an international group of brand partners and sponsors. Some of these have included the New York Times, iCrossing, The Financial Times, The Paley Center for Media, Techvibes, BBC, Conde Nast, Wired, Sony Electronics, The City of Berlin, LinkedIn, City of Los Angeles,, Cisco, Time Inc, MoMA, Meebo, PepsiCo, Mashable, Fast Company, Mutopo, Razorfish, JWT, WholeFoods, Transmediale, SocialBar, MTV, WeltKompakt, Weber Shandwick, iMasters, Vodafone, Motorola, & VideoLog.


“It was terrific to be part of Social Media Week Milan, with its dozens of diverse programs and a headquarters in the cultural and geographical center of the city. It was great to see foursquare integrated throughout the week’s programs, and I enjoyed listening to, and learning from, Italian entrepreneurs and many future entrepreneurs as well.”
Naveen Salvadurai, Co-Founder, foursquare

“Social Media Week changes the global conversation about media by getting the right people in the right place at the right time.”
John Winsor, CEO of Victors & Spoils and author of Baked In

“It was a blast for Funny-or-Die to join such a high-level group of media mavericks during Social Media Week. The debate-like format allowed us to dig much deeper and provide more insight into the challenges of building a successful social entertainment business.”
Dick Glover, CEO & President, Funny-or-Die

“Razorfish is excited to support Social Media Week–in this trying economic environment more companies are turning to social to help them solve critical business problems and reach more customers. Social Media Week furthers that conversation in a very meaningful, tactile and inspirational manner.”
Shiv Singh – Global Social Media Lead, Razorfish

“SMW rocked. (You know a festival is a success when it becomes a recognized acronym). It made perfect sense for the social web to have a social week.  I have no doubt that it birthed friendships, ideas and businesses…which we’ll totally read about in Twitter feeds and status updates.”
Adam Devine, Principle at Sandbox

“Never before has there been a successful hub for the convergence of digital media and urban music. Social Media Week provided that platform”.
Jesse Kirshbaum, CEO of New Universal Entertainment Agency

“Social Media Week provided a needed forum for people to come together to discuss the promise and peril of social media. Its grassroots origins, smart discussion and friendly vibe are a fitting reflection of the best social media offers.”
Brian Morrissey –

“Our discussion, ‘Making the Brand: Social Media for the Long Haul”, was one of the most lively, intellectual, humorous, and thought-provoking panels I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of. Sharing a stage with Abell, Morrissey, and Vaynerchuk was a humbling experience that made me want to be humbled again.”
Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus

“I will not breathe until SMW comes back in ‘10 …seriously!”
Gary Vaynerchuk, Host of Wine Library TV