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Event Spotlight @ The Hub – How Attention Scales on the Web

Event Spotlight @ The Hub – How Attention Scales on the Web

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How Attention Scales on the Web, Friday 17th February, 3.30pm – 5.50pm

iCrossing UK, a London Event Sponsor of the Design Council present this presentation and panel discussion at the main Hub for this year’s Social Media Week London, The Design Council, sponsored by Google +.

Do you receive as much attention from your audience as you expect? Do you want to win greater engagement from people who are likely to be the most profitable and regular users of your services? Do you want these people to be advocates? Do you want to amplify your existing marketing efforts without incurring significant additional overhead?

Understanding the theory of how attention scales on the web and how to put this into practice is key to getting the maximum return on the resource you have to invest.

Confirmed Speakers

Matt Bush, Agency Head, Google
Mark Higginson, Director of Social Media, iCrossing UK
Jeremy Head, Travel Editor, iCrossing UK

If you’re still interested in attending please email to go on the waiting list.


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