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#SMWLDN September 14-18, 2015

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Ogilvy’s SMWLDN Social Spin @ London Eye

Ogilvy’s SMWLDN Social Spin @ London Eye


11 days until SMW September 14-18 Conference in London, Miami, Rotterdam, and São Paulo. Learn more here.

Thanks everyone for your applications. With over 100 entries there is clearly a broad and deep vein of social talent running through London. Unfortunately the London Eye is limited in its capacity so we’re only able to include a baker’s dozen and have sent invites out to them. If we are able to fit in more last minute we will definitely be in touch.

The world of social is such a quickly evolving area that as the year progresses we’ll no doubt be in touch with more of you to see what we can do together.

Regards: Leo Ryan [@Leotwit] (Group Head of Social at Ogilvy & Mather, London)

Photo (cc) Trey Ratcliff