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#SMWLDN September 12-16, 2016

The SMWLDN Food Truck Challenge Winners

The SMWLDN Food Truck Challenge Winners


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This weekend has been the boxing day equivalent to social media nerds all across London. After over 170 events throughout the capital, 2 amazing opening and closing parties and an enormous amount of live tweeting we now feel as if there is something missing inside..

But not for the winners of the SMWLDN Food Truck Challenge who have finished SMWLDN with a boom! The Food Truck Challenge was a street food competition between London’s best food stalls, stands and trucks. For more information about  who took part click here.

There were 4 prizes to be won; the customer and truck with the most points and the best photo of a truck and dish. May I introduce to you the stars of the SMWLDN Food Truck Challenge…


Twitter user and Ribman fan, @norman2083 with 210 points

Winning Food Truck

Jamie & Colin from @BigDirtyBurger with 170 points

Best Dish Photo

Taken by @touchfood of one of Big Dirty Burger’s finest

Best Vendor Photo

Taken by @heinfortuin of the guys at Pizza Pilgrims on Berwick St in Soho

Thank you to all the trucks and street food lovers of London who took part in the SMWLDN Food Truck Challenge and congratulations to all who won.