London Content Hubs

During SMWLDN, our global theme will be explored through eight different Content Hubs, each at innovative and impressive organisations across London. The societal impact of social media will be explored throughout the following: Business & Enterprise, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Sport, Entertainment & Culture, Media, Mobile & Lifestyle, Community & Conversation, “How To”, Advertising & Marketing and our SMWLDN Lounge.

The vast majority of our events are free and open for anyone to attend. However, they do require you to individually register to events, and each event has a limited amount of seats available. For Official Hub events, if you want to avoid registering to each individual Hub event or want to attend Hub events that are already closed to registration, you now have the option to buy a SMWLDN Premium Pass, supported by Eventbrite.

Advertising & Marketing

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Business & Enterprise

The Hub Westminster
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Sport, Entertainment & Culture

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Media, Mobile & Lifestyle

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Google Campus
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“How To” Hub

O2 Workshop
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Community & Conversation

ExHoSo House
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The Social Partners
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