Family Circles: Parents, Children and Marketers, Tuesday 14th February, 9am – 11am Chinwag present this event at the main Hub for this year’s Social Media Week London, The Design Council, sponsored by Google +. Seen through the prism of the family, this session will investigate the dynamics of the socially connected family unit and how marketers engage….

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After the success of our first Social Media Week brainstorm, the second, with a consumer focus, took place last Wednesday 7th December at Ketchum PR‘s offices in Shoreditch. The aim was to explore how social media is impacting our day-to-day lives from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the music we listen to,…

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After last week’s successful Social Media Week London brainstorm – we’re delighted to announce a SMWLDN Brainstorm Round 2 in preparation for next February’s SMWLDN on Wed 7th Dec from 6pm – 8pm in Shoreditch or TechCity, if you’re startup-minded (RSVP). This time, the aim is to focus on how social media is affecting and…

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