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Crowdcentric is a New York-based strategy firm that helps the world’s greatest people and organizations become more connected through collaboration and sharing. With a global community and local properties in more than 18 countries around the world, Crowdcentric's media division is positioned as one of the most networked and influential platforms in the social media landscape. It's largest media property is Social Media Week, a leading news and publishing platform and worldwide event that captures, curates and shares the most meaningful ideas in regards to how social media is helping us progress in a globally connected society.


  • Gianfranco Chicco

    Gianfranco Chicco

    Executive Director, SMW London

    Gianfranco Chicco is the Executive Director of Social Media Week London. With a hybrid background that ranges from Industrial Engineering to marketing and digital strategy, he's passionate about creating people-centred experiences that tie together the physical and the digital worlds. Gianfranco has a nomadic-DNA and before settling in London, he's lived and worked in Argentina, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands and Spain. In his free time he enjoys trail running, Yoga, photography and organising Japanese sake tastings.

  • Carlos Marcus

    Carlos Marcus

    Operations Manager, Social Media Week London

    Carlos has been part of the technical production team of Social Media Week London since 2013 and now is in charge of operations for the upcoming edition. He posses over 20 years of experience in the broadcast and events industry were he played senior roles within management and technical production focusing on team coordination and product delivery. Love brought him to London and he puts a little bit of it in everything he does. Carlos, as a good mediterranean, enjoys good food, being outdoors, the sea, the sun and the stars.

  • Emily Skinner

    Emily Skinner

    Events Manager, Social Media Week London

    After eight years in the event industry Emily recently fulfilled her goal of setting up her own events company for corporate and private clients. Emily has been fortunate to work in London as well as Hong Kong where she spent four and half years working for a Chinese Events Company which focused on events management services as well as exhibition design and production. On her return to the UK, Emily joined a corporate firm in Central London heading up their events department. Emily has been part of the SWM London team since 2014. Emily has a love for travelling and being on the hunt for the next best restaurant in town – she loves her food!

  • Tom Sharman

    Tom Sharman

    Community Manager

    Tom is the Social Media Manager of Social Media Week London. With a genuine passion for brand identity and transmedia storytelling through experiences, his role is to create a connection between the audience and the event to make the best experience possible. Tom is a second year Web Media student at Ravensbourne University. His previous experiences, although it be brief include the likes of Mozilla, BBC, TeenTech, and Machinima. In his free time he enjoys photography, and perhaps a beer or two… or three.

  • Toby Daniels

    Toby Daniels

    CEO and Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week

    Toby Daniels is the CEO of Crowdcentric. He is an entrepreneur with 12 years experience in digital media, managing an interactive agency in London, helping launch Mint Digital in the US, and co-founding ThinkSocial and Social Media Week. He enjoys running, jumping, diving, and eating.

  • Zach Smith

    Zach Smith

    Finance Director, Social Media Week and CFO and CRO, Crowdcentric

    Zach Smith is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Revenue Officer of Crowdcentric. Prior to Crowdcentric, he advised companies and investors for 10 years in Derivatives, Corporate Finance and M&A at Citi and Merrill Lynch. Rumors of Zach’s love for Tex-Mex and photography have been greatly under-exaggerated.

  • Shannon Chirone

    Shannon Chirone

    Director of Marketing, Crowdcentric Media and Social Media Week

    Shannon brings over 12 years of experience in digital marketing, media and event planning. Prior to Crowdcentric, she worked at General Assembly (where she continues to teach Digital Marketing classes), Two Tomatoes Records, Oxygen Media, and CAA. When not working she can be spotted running, diving or lindy hopping.

  • Eric Kramer

    Eric Kramer

    Vice President, Client Services, Social Media Week and Crowdcentric

    Eric Kramer is the Director of Client Strategy at Crowdcentric, focusing on brand partnerships and emerging technologies in addition to client services. Previously, he played various roles at several startups in the social analytics space and worked on the agency side executing digital campaigns. Eric enjoys sports, music, blogging and has a true passion for mobile innovation.

  • Tyler Becker

    Tyler Becker

    Director of Content, Social Media Week and Crowdcentric

    Tyler is the Director of Content at Crowdcentric. Previously, he studied and worked in sports, entertainment, and events, and assisted with the social media and marketing efforts for Six Flags, the National Hockey League, the NYC Marathon, and New York University. Tyler has an affinity for sports, craft beer, podcasts, dog parks, and travel.

  • Simon Dabkowski

    Simon Dabkowski

    Vice President, Design and Technology, Social Media Week and Crowdcentric

    Simon's professional career as a creative and a developer spans nearly 15 years in working with variety of design & web agencies, non-profit & political organizations and various e-commerce startups. Co-founder of hMAG, a lifestyle magazine and a social networking platform, and a published author of "Livemotion 2: A Beginner's Guide". Hobbies include Pool, snowboarding, and anything outdoors.

  • Michael Papadeas

    Michael Papadeas

    Vice President, Sponsorship and Business Development, Social Media Week and Crowdcentric

    Michael heads up sponsorships and business development for Crowdcentric and Social Media Week. He brings more than 14 years of marketing and advertising experience including years in publishing and experiential agencies. An integrated marketing strategist at-heart, he’s always looking for creative ways to help brands innovate and close the gap between them and their elusive targets.