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#SMWLA June 6-10, 2016

Rotobooth = Rotary Telephone + Photo Booth + Social Media

Rotobooth = Rotary Telephone + Photo Booth + Social Media


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If you’re iPhone’s out of juice and you’ve already drained your mophie, but you need to make a call and even have the however-much-it-costs-to-use-a-payphone-these-days in change, it’s increasingly hard to find a location where you can reach out and touch someone.

The Rotobooth will not help you solve this problem. It will however, let you use a rotary dial to enter your digits, take a photo, and then SMS you a link of said photo so you can have a momento of your hipstery experience with a retro telecommunications device outfitted for the social media age.

The device was hacked together by Chris Bell (whose name may or may not be just a coincidence), Liangjie Xia, and Mike Kelberman at Photo Hack Day 2 in a successful attempt to turn phone booths into photo booths. If you like the concept, you can rent one to place in your neck of the woods. Or just check out the image gallery to see what pictures other individuals around the world are dialing in.

And do you have any ideas for a social media-inspired phone and/or photo booth hack? Be sure to let us know!