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Phantom Cellphone Vibrations and Do They Drive You Nuts?

Phantom Cellphone Vibrations and Do They Drive You Nuts?

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We’ve all done it; we feel a vibration in our purse or corner pocket and grab for our cellphone. But anything from disappointment to indifference enters our emotional state as we realize it was just out imagination.

According to an article in Slate, a new study from Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne is about just that. Researchers asked undergraduates about whether they felt non existent buzzing or vibrations coming from their phantom cell phones in their pockets. The majority of participants in the study felt the “phantom vibration syndrome,” but very few individuals were bothered by the prospect of feeling something that wasn’t there. (So, the “phantom vibration syndrome” isn’t really a syndrome at all. To be a true syndrome, there apparently has to be a negative impact on the human body.)

89% of the undergraduates in the study felt this phantom cell phone vibration, but no one quite knows why. Studies and researchers have tied neurotic and extraverted or outgoing tendencies as possible factors, but there’s no concrete evidence that indicates the actual cause.

Until there is a study that is about why we feel the phantom vibrations, we can just assume we’re working too hard. Or, that it’s just our imagination.