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Why ‘Blogging The Human Genome’ Is A Hit

Why ‘Blogging The Human Genome’ Is A Hit

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If you want to learn about science in manageable blog-sized chunks, look no further than Sam Kean‘s work on Slate.

The author of The Disappearing Spoon and most recently, The Violinist’s Thumb (out tomorrow), Kean has done a great job breaking down the most interesting elements of the Periodic Table and the Human Genome into single-serving pieces of easily digestible scientific information (which makes a lot of sense considering The Disappearing Spoon is about the periodic elements and The Violinist’s Thumb contains information about the human genome).

What’s so interesting about Kean’s blogs (aside from the content) is the fact that they’re very popular online. Read them and you’ll see why.

The human genome, for instance, is not just a bunch of garbled scientific information for the masses. Instead, it’s a bit of scientific info chock full of human history and contains within itself a depth of human understanding left untouched by the average person, until now. Elizabeth Taylor’s double eyelashes, human cannibalism, and a variety of genetic disease and disorders have been touched on so far.

And lucky for those who were more art than science, you won’t nod off on these blogs, guaranteed. After all, there isn’t a more interesting subject than what makes us the way we are.

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