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Jack Daniel’s And Its Kind Lawyers

Jack Daniel’s And Its Kind Lawyers

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In a time when communication can come off as blunt and brash, the people from Jack Daniel’s convey a certain kindness. So when Jack Daniel’s wrote to Patrick Wensink about the copyright infringement of the cover for his new novel, Broken Piano for President, their “southern hospitality” has gone viral.

It’s not every day you see lawyers and their empathy for the common man. Rather than threaten and admonish, Jack Daniel’s simply requested that Wensink change the cover for the next print and offered to pay him. On his website, author Wensink posted the letter and wrote, “What follows is, perhaps, the most polite cease and desist ever written. If it wasn’t signed by some lawyer, I’d imagine ol’ Gentleman Jack penning it himself, twirling his bushy mustache.”

The reality is, not everybody has to convey niceties when legal matters are involved. Because of its inherent kindness, people are flocking to learn more about both Jack Daniel’s, Patrick Wensink, Broken Piano for President, and why they’ve become the exception to the rule.

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