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Adobe Rolls Out New Social Media Analytics Product

Adobe Rolls Out New Social Media Analytics Product

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has a reputation as a leader in web analytics thanks to its Digital Marketing Suite powered by Omniture. On Thursday, September 6th, the software giant announced  they’re ready to bring that expertise to the social media world with their new Adobe Social product, a power new analytics tool centered on social media campaigns.

The tools contained within the product attempt to go beyond what Adobe calls the “soft metrics” of social marketing (i.e. likes and followers) and offer a robust set of analytics modules. Adobe Social has the ability to track consumer behavior across what it calls the “costumer journey,” a process that begins with a user clicking on an ad and ends with them purchasing a product. This allows marketers to isolate and extensively analyze the individual steps a consumer takes on the path to a purchase.

Adobe Social also works as a product for turning “soft metrics” into hard ones. It’s capable of dissecting likes, comments, and retweets, figuring out exactly which ones brought in the most traffic. Once again, the goal is simple: tease out which parts of a social media campaign are most and least effective, allowing for a more targeted analysis using the tools in the Digital Marketing Suite.

The goal is that Adobe Social turns campaigns from educated guesswork into hard science. When combined with Adobe’s other sleek tools, Social is certainly a welcome addition that should make most social media campaigns significantly more targeted and efficient.

For more info, you can check out the official announcement on Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog.

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