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Amanda MacNaughton Promo Jam

by Amanda MacNaughton Attaining viral reach on social networks is the Holy Grail for digital marketers. Companies like GM and Pepsi spend millions of dollars to secure digital eyeballs, but what if you could reach a million people without even trying? The human brain has a compulsion for knowledge, and when you read an intriguing…

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Take three successful individuals, their love of Los Angeles, and a bit of tech magic and you get something amazing. At least that’s what happened when LA-based friends Sean Bonner (the global director of Safecast), Alex Benzer (the Co-founder and CEO of SocialEngine), and Tara Tiger Brown (contributing writer to Forbes.com and Technology Director at UC…

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For many of you, Klout is a spiffy looking website that gives a number to your social media influence. Unfortunately, the website is often times a hub of confusion as people with significant influence score markedly lower than individuals who have little to no influence. According to a recent Forbes article, Klout processes 2.7 pieces of…

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Hackers are nothing new in the realm of the Internet, but that hasn’t stopped Mat Honan, a technology writer with Wired magazine, from going public about his experience with his hacked accounts. According to a Forbes article, when Honan’s accounts were hacked, he not only lost a bunch of emails. When his phone landed itself…

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"Resistance is futile"

According to a new Forbes article, people without a Facebook can be deemed “suspicious.” This parallels American’s addiction to several social networking websites for well over a decade. More than suspicion, it’s the “fear of the unknown,” as many are continuously  looking up friends, lovers, exes, family and even coworkers. “Suspicious behavior” is not a…

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If you love Instagram and Twitter, chances are you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Recently, Forbes came out with news of Twitter and how the social networking and microblogging website has disallowed Instagram users from finding friends through Twitter. This means that users who are already on Twitter can no longer be  added as…

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Somewhere in the Internet ether, Twitter has gone wrong. Forbes reports that many popular athletes and politicians are tweeting and getting in trouble. For instance, NBC and NBC Olympics have been live-tweeting open events not shown live, much to the anger of several Twitter-savvy viewers. Fans fanatical enough to find their favorite athlete are sometimes greeted with and angry…

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