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Take three successful individuals, their love of Los Angeles, and a bit of tech magic and you get something amazing. At least that’s what happened when LA-based friends Sean Bonner (the global director of Safecast), Alex Benzer (the Co-founder and CEO of SocialEngine), and Tara Tiger Brown (contributing writer to Forbes.com and Technology Director at UC…

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You may not be able to visit Antarctica, but with Google Maps you can at least experience it. And while many assume it’s a barren winter wonderland, Google is giving viewers the opportunity to experience panoramic images from their computers. According to the Google blog, the images were achieved with a fish-eyed lens capturing 360-imagery…

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Want to visit the Sistene Chapel, but don’t want to abide by the Papal Dress Code? You want to see Stonehenge up close and personal, but know there’s little chance of you crossing the Pond in the near future? Not to worry! You can now experience these places with the help of technology, Google Maps, and…

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This post was written by Rob Reed. He is the founder of MomentFeed, a location-based marketing, strategy, and technology firm. Location technologies are transforming how we experience, navigate, and ultimately better our world. From the global to the local, here are #10Ways geolocation is a positive force for good. Social media has changed the world….

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