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In 2000, the founder and CEO, Juan Benavides came up with the “crazy” idea to have freestanding, customizable photo booths that shared photos in real time online. We sat down for a quick chat with Juan to learn more about the brand and his plans for the week. What did you want to be when…

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If you love Instagram and Twitter, chances are you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Recently, Forbes came out with news of Twitter and how the social networking and microblogging website has disallowed Instagram users from finding friends through Twitter. This means that users who are already on Twitter can no longer be  added as…

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You may not be able to visit Antarctica, but with Google Maps you can at least experience it. And while many assume it’s a barren winter wonderland, Google is giving viewers the opportunity to experience panoramic images from their computers. According to the Google blog, the images were achieved with a fish-eyed lens capturing 360-imagery…

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If you’re iPhone’s out of juice and you’ve already drained your mophie, but you need to make a call and even have the however-much-it-costs-to-use-a-payphone-these-days in change, it’s increasingly hard to find a location where you can reach out and touch someone. The Rotobooth will not help you solve this problem. It will however, let you…

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Social Media Week is returning to LA this September 24-28, powered by Nokia. To celebrate our sixth global event, we are asking people around the world to Instagram Your City. Instagram and web-based apps such as Lightbox, Hipster and StreamZoo enable you to make beautiful images and share with your friends. We want you to represent LA and capture what makes Los Angeles…

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