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Rohit Bhargava

by Rohit Bhargava There is a game my brother and I used to play when we were kids and my guess is that you played it too.  It had its own set of rules that we all knew, and they were irrefutable. Get within visible distance of your car, and then the first person among…

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PUG original

by Maxine Tatlonghari As an e-commerce entrepreneur (www.VanityGirlHollywood.com), I am so beyond excited about what is about to converge upon LA, predominantly in Hollywood, next week.  Social Media Week!  To me, this is where geek meets chic.  When I hear things like analytics, brand evangelists, venture capitalist, I get beside myself with glee. Once upon…

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By Jane Dam & Catherine Lau Los Angeles has long been known as the entertainment capital of the world, but as more entrepreneurship ventures, technology start-ups, established companies like Google and LegalZoom, and angel investors pop up along the shores, the city is earning its name as Silicon Beach.   Just take a stroll down through…

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In 2000, the founder and CEO, Juan Benavides came up with the “crazy” idea to have freestanding, customizable photo booths that shared photos in real time online. We sat down for a quick chat with Juan to learn more about the brand and his plans for the week. What did you want to be when…

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BuzzFeed‘s west coast VP Terry City says branded content combined with social sharing can yield fantastic results but it’s not just pressing the “like” button, anymore.  With over 25 million monthy unique visitors to the Buzzfeed website, you know they’re doing something right.  As a leading social news organization, Buzzfeed posts so much more than…

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By Julie Capron Growing up, my Friday nights revolved around ABC’s programming block, T.G.I.F. My brother and I would head to the living room for some popcorn and TV to laugh at Urkel’s antics and wonder what grade Mr. Feeny couldn’t teach within 30 minute “bites.” Today’s youth have a few more options when it…

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After being unemployed for over a year and losing his house to foreclosure, Mark Horvath grabbed his camera and started to use social media to help tell the stories of people experiencing homelessness. With a $45 start-up budget and lots of tenacity, Mark has used social media to reach a different stakeholder and change how people perceive a very serious…

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Today is the anniversary of one of the most terrifying events in American history, so it’s no surprise that a Mashable article came out on how people are tweeting about 9/11. After all, the anniversary of the attack on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers is our generation’s Pearl Harbor.   Twitter is abuzz with stories…

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Welcome to the 10th in our Social Media Week Los Angeles Advisor Spotlight Series, where we sit down with members of the SMWLA Advisory Board and other prominent members of the Los Angeles social media community to get a better understanding of how they’re influencing, shaping, and working in social media. Today we’re talking with Joel Chiodi, the…

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In a city like Hollywood, you’ll discover more than just its people. It’s the organizations, groups and government that create the unique culture. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce just celebrated their 90th year in 2011 and have over 850 members. Founded in 1921, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has worked tirelessly with local and national…

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