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According to an article on Mashable about a recent survey by Amplitude Research, only five percent counted Facebook and other such sites as the greatest drain on their time whereas fourteen percent attributed distracting ‘chatty’ co-workers as the largest time waste. On top of that, when employers show leniency about browsing social media sites, employees…

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According to the Mashable article, the number of total accounts may be as little as 872 million active users. Facebook originally posted almost a billion users (955 million users) on their site, but just under 10 percent or 83 million are considered “bogus.” Although it’s a drop from the previous number, the 870+ million users is…

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Here’s an interesting question: does your church use social media? Buzzplant, a Christian-based digital advertising company, may have your answer. And article via Mashable says that Buzzplant surveyed 250 churches nationwide to see if and how they’re using social media. Since an establishment grounded in thousand years of tradition and new technology don’t always go…

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According to a new Mashable article, 18% of teens would stop communicating if their favorite social media networks were to be shut down. AWeber, an email marketing company that originally created the infographics, stated that email, phone, YouTube, Facebook and Skype all made the list of main forms of social communication. Twitter is surprisingly absent…

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The extraordinarily well-funded San Francisco-based website that gives event organizers all the tools they need to plan, promote, publicize, and sell tickets to events of any shape or size just passed a very impressive threshold. This month, Eventbrite announced its organizers have “collectively earned $1 billion in ticket sales” on the platform. That’s a lot…

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