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Ever since Oreo sent out the tweet heard round the world during the power outage at Super Bowl XLVII, brands have upped their game to play in a new era of marketing meant to capture the attention of consumers by leveraging very current events. Case in point is this latest tweet from Charmin. The toilet…

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To help market Pixar’s upcoming film based on Dia de los Muertos, Disney thought it would be a good idea to attempt to trademark the holiday. Luckily, Latinos were able to use Twitter to convince Disney of how that is actually a terrible idea. Due to the pressure it faced from such social media backlash,…

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Sometimes it’s better to be kind than fake. The Harvard Business Review recently picked up a viral story about a young man who wanted to give his dying grandmother her favorite bowl of soup from Panera Bread. On all fronts, writer Bill Taylor hits it on the nose. Sometimes in social media, companies, organizations, and…

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Today is the anniversary of one of the most terrifying events in American history, so it’s no surprise that a Mashable article came out on how people are tweeting about 9/11. After all, the anniversary of the attack on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers is our generation’s Pearl Harbor.   Twitter is abuzz with stories…

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There’s nothing like being one the first to like and/or adopt something new and popular.  The problem is, how do you prove it? Well, when it comes to showing your early adopter cred, idego.co has got your back. According to an article by Mashable about idego and “early adopters,” this website is a hispter’s paradise. It…

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If you love Instagram and Twitter, chances are you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Recently, Forbes came out with news of Twitter and how the social networking and microblogging website has disallowed Instagram users from finding friends through Twitter. This means that users who are already on Twitter can no longer be  added as…

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Somewhere in the Internet ether, Twitter has gone wrong. Forbes reports that many popular athletes and politicians are tweeting and getting in trouble. For instance, NBC and NBC Olympics have been live-tweeting open events not shown live, much to the anger of several Twitter-savvy viewers. Fans fanatical enough to find their favorite athlete are sometimes greeted with and angry…

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Playing princess is a popular past time, so it’s no wonder an article of clothing from one of the most iconic princesses of all time can cause quite the stir. Christian Louboutin has just released what many are calling the most fabulous Cinderella-inspired shoes ever. No, they aren’t made of glass, but they certainly are…

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We are excited to announce that Social Media Week will be back in LA September 24th – 28th with FREE programming across the city. We will have more information coming soon, but in the meantime, be sure to mark your calendars and help us spread the word! Tweet about our returning cities and make sure…

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