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There are a number of different agencies specializing in YouTube optimization. At Social Media Week Los Angeles, one of those companies will explain why it offers the best solution for brands. That company is Channel Factory, and we talked to its execs to learn the basics of its budding analytics platform. SMWLA: What is Channel…

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Yahoo acquired micro-blogging service Tumblr this week for a reported $1.1 billion in cash and a promise “not to screw it up.” In good taste, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced the deal on Yahoo’s tumblr and included an appropriate animated gif to commemorate the occasion. Tumblr founder David Karp responded on the Tumblr Staff blog with reassurances that Tumblr will remain autonomous and not be painted purple….

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By Julie Capron Growing up, my Friday nights revolved around ABC’s programming block, T.G.I.F. My brother and I would head to the living room for some popcorn and TV to laugh at Urkel’s antics and wonder what grade Mr. Feeny couldn’t teach within 30 minute “bites.” Today’s youth have a few more options when it…

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Geek and Nerdist

As an editor for a geek news blog it’s somewhat of a hobby for me to surf through YouTube channels for the latest in nerdy entertainment. The emergence of YouTube channels who have the privilege of premiering their shows at media mecca’s like Comic-Con seem to have ushered in a new wave of “geek” viewers….

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