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Chelsea has been long a hub of artistic activity in New York, brimming with galleries and artist lofts. This artistic legacy coupled with the renewal project along the Highline made Chelsea the perfect place to open the Highline Ballroom — a space that doubles as a nightclub and concert venue. NYC jazz mogul, Steven Bensusan…

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This is a guest post by Julia Wu of Luminary Labs Aman Bhandari is U.S. Director, Health IT & Data Strategy at Merck, and previously served as a Senior Advisor to the White House. He moderated the Health: Big Innovation Playbook panel as part of the Future of Now: Health Innovation Track, Presented by Merck….

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Does your partner really know you? Do you tell each other what really turns you on, or what bedroom maneuvers you’ve always wanted to try? Chances are, you haven’t, and you’re not alone. As a nation, we shy away from real pillow-talk with our closest companion, preventing us from going further in the bedroom. Even…

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The only thing better than watching the Winter Olympics while attending Social Media Week is doing it socially and with a second screen. We do most of our entertainment with a second screen, so it makes sense for you to get your dose of Sochi that way. We’ve partnered with Engagor to highlight a live…

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We recently shared a glimpse at what Campus will look like. We know you’ll love the thought that was put into all the small details. From ensuring you can take a call at anytime during the week at Campus to trying to bring a collaborative, human feel to it all, our team worked with MKG…

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We hear it all the time — but isn’t every week social media week? Social Media Week is much more than just a discussion on social media. We know you’re smart enough that you don’t need that. You get it. What SMW is though is a look at how and where humanity and technology converge….

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Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” And we think it’s a good rule for life and business. Which is why we started bringing hands-on, practical classes to Social Media Week. This year, we’re giving you even more opportunities to leave SMW14 with practical…

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Ok, New York, you’re stuck indoors with yet another snowstorm this winter, and we know what you’re up to. You’re feeding those guilty pleasures: those preferences on Netflix you never want anyone to see. Well, as much as we might hate to admit it, what we’re seeing on Hulu and other platforms is largely shaped…

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When one of your founders is labeled a Brand Genius in New York, you know you’re doing something right. Percolate, a platform that publishes and measures brand content on social media sites, was founded by Noah Brier and James Gross. And both have business savvy and some serious tech knowledge. Only 3 years old, Percolate…

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Technology and social innovations are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. While start-ups and consumer facing brands have been able to more quickly adapt to these changes in business, healthcare is just beginning to scrape the surface of bottom-up innovation. As these new ideas take hold, what’s exciting is the massive potential that exists to drive social…

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We love working with emerging brands, especially ones that are filling a great need for others. So, when we heard about Unmetric, we were intrigued. Then, when we saw their product, it was love. Not only do they show off some pretty things, they also really understand how knowing how you compare to your competitors…

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For the past 18 years, LiveWorld has been helping corporations improve relationship marketing, customer support, and market learning through engagement, moderation, and insight. They provide a customizable platform with a range of social networking features, having worked with the world’s leading brands, like Pfizer, Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, Louis Vuitton, and Kimberly Clark, as…

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Social Media Week is just over a month away. And, as the saying goes, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today—which is register for the events you’d like to attend! That’s right, as of today, attendee registration is open. Powered globally by Nokia and MKG, this year’s event explores our always on,…

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How does one get a dancer on stage behind Madonna? It takes a global perspective and some creativity, and that’s something Michelle Klein has in spades. Michelle is VP Global Marketing Comms & Digital for Smirnoff, which you may not know is the number one premium spirit in the world in terms of value and…

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With the scope of NSA surveillance unveiled and an focus on curbing digital abuse, taking a good look at our privacy and security is increasingly common. With Facebook remaining the lad for American user engagement for a SINGLE web site (it rakes in around 6.75 hours per user per month — which seems a bit…

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Sewickley Academy 2013 graduation ceremony. Photo by Jason Cohn

Relationships matter. We all know that. But do we really know how to maximize our relationships in the workplace? I’d venture we could all use a little help in that regard. And that’s where Erica Dhawan excels. Erica is a globally recognized expert who helps teach business leaders how to lead better and improve innovation…

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Newspaper of New Zealand

Many have touted 2013 as the year that changed publishing and media. From listicles taking over our news feeds to the growing dominance of native advertising to Upworthy’s staggering growth numbers (which have outpaced even that of the New York Times), last year we witnessed a seismic shift in the industry. We’re diving deep into…

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In just six weeks, Social Media Week will kick off and we’re excited to share some of what’s happening. Building Essential Products, with betaworks' CEO John Borthwick To many of us, our work is our life. But what if we did it slightly differently this year? betaworks’ John Borthwick joins us at SMW NYC to…

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If New Yorkers can agree on one thing, it’s that we universally hate standing in lines. We want to be where we belong — and we want it now. Planning SMW NYC, we completely understand this. While QR codes seem to be making waves, lines still persist and require a bit of skill in scanning…

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The Future of Now looks at the balance we all need in life, using tech to enhance our humanity and reconnect. And the holidays remind us of the need for this. We’re thrilled to be hosting numerous sessions during SMW14 that are geared directly toward this. We have Erica Dhawan sharing on connectional intelligence. When…

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