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Social Media Week New York was a whirlwind of excitement with all Official Events under one roof for the first time. Though it would be impossible to dive into every single incredible event from the week, we will try to outline some of our more memorable moments (for our short list, check out our CULTURALIST…

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Day three at Social Media Week was all content, content, content — from Vice’s discussions on long form video to JWT stressing our need to change as images take over the web. The Social@Ogilvy team pulled together the best five ideas that came out of the day’s sessions. Let us know what you took away…

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Day Two at Social Media Week started off with a bang – Eli Pariser took to the stage to talk all things Upworthy, for the first time since the site has become viewed by over 60 billion people a month. Here are the 5 takeaways the Social@Ogilvy team have from day two…what were yours? What’s…

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Social Media Week is now officially underway. Nokia has been an amazing partner, and they are a big part of what will make your Campus experience great. We’ve shared about the incredible Vine artists coming your way. We’ve talked about the smart Work Pods to keep you productive. But that’s not all they’re doing. Here…

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SMWChicago_Millennial Women Session_WillisTower

A lot of baby boomers seem to trust that millennials know social media just because they’re millennials. I used to think this too — until I attended Social Media Week six months ago. A career change I went to school for journalism. I decided when I was just 12 years old that it’s what I…

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Social technology startups are one of the highest growth verticals in the emerging technology space. So, it’s no wonder there’s a larger focus on startups at SMW this year than we’ve seen in the past. Companies are looking for the right match of talent and personality. Job seekers are looking for the right blend of…

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Prodigy Network is known for its emphasis on the power of the crowd and crowdsourcing. The crowd can make decisions about where to spend their money, the crowd can pool money together to create increase visibility and access to real estate development; and the crowd will be responsible for the world’s first Cotel, 17 John….

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The art of “the pitch” has gone from a 60-minute opportunity to 3-minute opportunity for startups. While many accelerators, like 500 Startups and TechStars, include fast pitch and media training in their programs, some startups don’t have mentors to help perfect their pitches. Enter the agency pitch experts. Agencies have been taught to say more with…

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betaworks is a network that builds new products to change the media landscape — some of their work includes Bitly and Tweetdeck. Additionally, they make seed investments in companies and products that they believe have the potential to be game changers. VP of People, Jonathan Basker, is responsible getting some of betaworks’ amazing talent on…

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Sara Holoubek is the founder and CEO of Luminary Labs, a network of experts that helps create the business models that make organizations resilient to changing markets. Technology and social media are an important part of the business models that will be successful in the future of our always-on, always connected-world. Something Sara understands intimately….

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At home, most of us understand how much space impacts our lives, spending large amounts of time and money choosing the perfect furniture and color palate. However, we often forget the ways that our physical surroundings at work affect our productivity and sense of well-being. In addition to affecting our mood, our office spaces can…

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Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” And we think it’s a good rule for life and business. Which is why we started bringing hands-on, practical classes to Social Media Week. This year, we’re giving you even more opportunities to leave SMW14 with practical…

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Launching last Thursday, Facebook’s new app, Paper, is a curated content application that integrates with the existing Facebook platform in a refreshing way. The app allows users to get news about their friends as well as from the around world, all in one place. When you first log into your Facebook account on Paper, you…

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We may not have a crystal ball, but we have the next best thing. Leading experts across professions join together to look at what’s next for industries across the board. Look just six years into the future or at the future of workplaces in the 21st century. 20/20 Vision: Your Life Just Six Years from…

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I was confused and flattered when I first received an “Endorsement” notification from a connection, which happened to be my friend and from someone who I didn’t really know. Some of my endorsements such as writing and editing matched my skills. However, it was given by most of my close friends instead of my former…

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When I was introduced to PINCHme at TechStyle Lounge in September, I knew the Australian venture was going to be huge before they even debuted in the US. The thought behind it seemed like Birchbox, but free. The idea of getting complimentary care packages sent to you with products that you choose seemed too good…

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Sewickley Academy 2013 graduation ceremony. Photo by Jason Cohn

Relationships matter. We all know that. But do we really know how to maximize our relationships in the workplace? I’d venture we could all use a little help in that regard. And that’s where Erica Dhawan excels. Erica is a globally recognized expert who helps teach business leaders how to lead better and improve innovation…

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Cindy Gallop has been a long time friend to Social Media Week. An active member of our Advisory Board and a frequent speaker, we’re honored to have her on our team. She’s a woman of action. The founder of two powerful organizations, IfWeRanTheWorld and Make Love, Not Porn, Cindy stays busy. IfWeRanTheWorld helps create microactions…

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Steve Case, AOL, entrepreneurship

When you think of philanthropy and entrepreneurship, Steve Case is one of the first people that come to mind. Steve is a visionary, seeing the potential in things. Starting with co-founding AOL in 1985, Steve has a legacy of helping build things up. AOL under Steve’s leadership became the world’s largest Internet company and helped…

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