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Creating digital books takes a fair amount of knowhow and patience: ebook developers have CSS and HTML skills, and they put in long hours designing, coding, testing, and running quality assurance checks on each title that they build. It’s a specialized — and potentially lonely — niche in publishing, not unlike copyediting, in its level…

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Digital media’s searchability, sharability and speed are changing the way that we interact with news. Join the conversation as we look at what this means for journalists, marketers and the stories we share! The Art & Science of Storytelling Even as we change the ways in which we consume and share content- some things don’t…

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Newspaper of New Zealand

Many have touted 2013 as the year that changed publishing and media. From listicles taking over our news feeds to the growing dominance of native advertising to Upworthy’s staggering growth numbers (which have outpaced even that of the New York Times), last year we witnessed a seismic shift in the industry. We’re diving deep into…

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We know BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti has a few things to share about the future of journalism. So, when he took the stage with Stephen Colbert last night, we were thrilled to see what came out. Colbert brings his normal satire, grilling Jonah about sexy pandas, Syria, listicles, and click bait. It’s a great 6-minute interview…

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Deanna Zandt is a media technologist, the author of Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking, the creator of a killer TEDxBerlin talk and an all-around bad ass. Chatting with her is always fun and informative — plus, we got hearing Samuel L. Jackson singing Taylor Swift out of it…  She’s emceeing…

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(Photo: David Berkowitz, center, speaks at SMW NYC 2012) Recently we sat down with with David Berkowitz, Vice President of Emerging Media at 360i, and an Advisory Board Member for Social Media Week NYC. Here’s what he had to say: #1 What is your or your organization’s greatest success with social media to date? This…

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As you might have read on Mashable, this Getty stock photo was widely circulated through social media in the wake of hurricane Sandy and purported to be a shot of the storm approaching New York, an example of one problem discussed during Tuesday’s Social Media Week panel. Tuesday’s “The Rise of Visual Social Media” panel,…

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As I began writing this blog, Part 2 of 3 in the Architects, Inventors, and Collaborators blog series, the name Cindy Gallop was top of mind. You could say she’s notorious (befitting, as her apartment was once the set of a late Christopher Wallace music video) for her radical approaches to marketing, technology and advertising….

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It’s been an exciting year for Social Media Week. Our events in NYC and around the world have been a testament to the power of social media and the role it plays in furthering our connectedness; the catalyst for our new global theme Open & Connected in a Collaborative World. As the next SMWNYC fast…

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