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Thank you for playing your part in helping to make Social Media Week such a huge success. We were thrilled that you were able to contribute to the incredible energy at our new Campus experience last week. Together, we saw some inspirational speakers, from Don Tapscott exploring how we can solve problems together to Seth…

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Does your partner really know you? Do you tell each other what really turns you on, or what bedroom maneuvers you’ve always wanted to try? Chances are, you haven’t, and you’re not alone. As a nation, we shy away from real pillow-talk with our closest companion, preventing us from going further in the bedroom. Even…

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Humans have gone to the moon and back, and yet, we have not fully explore the depths of the oceans on our very own planet. Grandson of explorer Jacques Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau is seeking to expand our knowledge of ocean life. He will be spending 31 days under water on a research expedition off the…

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Deanna Zandt is an activist, consultant and author living in Brooklyn. Her book, “Share this! How You Will Change the World through Social Networking,” gives insight into how your voice can become an important part of the global conversation about things that truly matter. She’s also been a long-time advisor to SMW. A strong believer…

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It is difficult for most of us to even remember what our lives looked like before the Internet and cell phones. These technologies have become completely integrated into the operation of our daily live. However, across the planet, not everyone is as connected as we are. There are still 4.6 billion people who live without…

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The third Monday of every January marks the federal holiday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. But it wasn’t until 1994 — due to former Pennsylvania Senator Harris Wofford and Georgia Congressman John Lewis’s King Holiday and Service Act — that the day was dubbed “Day of Service.” Suddenly, MLK Day was no…

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If you took a plane at some point during the recent holiday season, chances are you noticed the flight attendant’s intercom announcement included the allowance of continued Portable Electronic Device (PED) usage, as long as it remained in airplane mode. So what does that change entail? Back in the day, The U.S. Department of Transportation’s…

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Last week, we announced our weekly Giving Tuesday. We’re committed throughout the rest of December to help support non-profits doing incredible work. We’ll be giving 20% of our pass sales each Tuesday in December will support an incredible non-profit we love. This week, we’re partnering up with charity: water to support their efforts in Cambodia….

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We’re rapidly approaching February and what promises to be our best SMW NYC ever. Our initial speaker lineup is taking shape and looking awesome and tomorrow we publish the initial schedule of events to give you a taste of what February will have to offer. Speakers include: + Buzzcar & Zipcar’s Robin Chase + Cindy…

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For those who crave a way to share their passion for social change, Eli Pariser and Upworthy are common names. Eli established Upworthy with Chris Hughes of Facebook and Peter Koechly of The Onion with the goal to make important content as viral as Charlie biting your finger. And it’s worked. Upworthy is the fastest…

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Creating change and empowering organizations is hard work. And few can do it better than Nancy Lublin. A regular feature on the Nonprofit Times’ “Top 50 Power and Influence” list, Nancy has a reputation for making charity cool and sustainable. As a young professional, Nancy turned Dress for Success into an international success, working in…

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Social Media Week is built on the belief that we should better understand how technology is compelling us to be always-on and always-connected, and how it is providing new inspiration for how we live, work and create. The framework for this discussion will be our global theme for 2014: The Future of Now, which will…

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This is a guest post by Yangbo Du. How can social media and social business plus its technology enablers transform education? This weekend at General Assembly New York, educators and the New York tech startup community gathered for 24 hours to design and build mobile and web applications for education. Given the importance of connection…

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Fundraisers have a lot to learn from the success of #GivingTuesday — make it simple, make it social. At the SMWNYC event — Giving Gangham Style: An Ideathon with the #GivingTuesday Team — a social gooderati crowd gathered eager to learn more about the simple-social potion and commune around this holy day. The #GivingTuesday team…

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At a Social Media Week party last year, I asked a very accomplished entrepreneur, “so, will I see you at SXSW?” He looked at me and smirked, “I don’t go there anymore because everybody is there.” I see what he means. It’s important for a conference to maintain the right balance of top people in…

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Each year, we partner with iconic institutions to bring you dedicated content for SMW NYC. 92Y is the city’s premiere nonprofit cultural and community center, and they’ve been all about social good since 1874! 92Y will be serving as our Society & Social Impact Hub, and we couldn’t think of a better home for those…

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By now every New Yorker has a story about Sandy. Some of us faired well but were astonished to see the waters covering the beloved East Village. Some of us were devastated by the destruction. In the end, we all stood together — as New Yorkers. And we continue to stand together. During Social Media…

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When I was asked to share my top SMW NYC events, I must admit I got a bit excited. Coming from the non-profit background, I love the tools that SMW NYC provides to organizations seeking to create change and the discussions that evolve around making a positive impact. It’s interlaced in so much that we…

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(Part 1 of 3 in the Architects, Inventors, and Collaborators blog series.) The theme of Social Media Week this year, Open & Connected: Principles for a Collaborative World, has been the catalyst for a number of hot debates in the Social Media Week offices. Identifying what, exactly, openness, connectedness and collaboration mean in an increasingly…

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