Past Conference: February 23-27, 2015

People & Society

List of Events:

7 Feb 9:00-11:00am Consumer Activism: A New Economy of Social Change, Hosted by Purpose
7 Feb 12:00-2:00pm Citizen 2.0 – Social Media and the Future of Participatory Government
8 Feb 9:00-12:30pm Health | Tech | Food, Sponsored by Luminary Labs
8 Feb 10:00-12:00pm Is Three a Crowd? Getting the Most Out of Third-party and Social Giving Sites for Your Nonprofit, Hosted by Convio
8 Feb 2:00-4:00pm Let Them Eat Tweets: Online Organizing for Real World Change, Hosted by Purpose
8 Feb 3:00-5:00pm How Social Media Can Be Used to Help Build the Women’s Audience for Films, Hosted by PepsiCo
8 Feb 4:00-5:00pm The New Normal: 12 Driving Forces in Communications, Hosted by Fenton
9 Feb 9:00-11:00am Building Hyperlocal at Scale: An Interview with Patch Editor-in-Chief, Brian Farnham, Hosted by AOL
9 Feb 12:00-2:00pm Valuing New Media Companies vs. Old(er) Media Companies
9 Feb 3:00-4:00pm Responding to Suicide & Digital Abuse
10 Feb 8:30-10:30am The Rise of the Movement Entrepreneur, Hosted by Purpose
10 Feb 11:30-4:30pm Open UN: Engagement in the Age of Real-Time, Hosted by United Nations Global Pulse
11 Feb 9:00-11:00am Open Government and The Transformation of New York City’s Digital Environment
11 Feb 9:30-10:30am Nonprofits Using Social Media to Close Doors…For Good, Hosted by Scott Case of Malaria No More
11 Feb 12:00-2:00pm Social Good for All, Hosted by SapientNitro
11 Feb 12:00-2:00pm Tower of Babel – v2.0 – How to Reach Global Audiences With Multi-lingual Video, Hosted by dotSUB

Partners & Sponsors:

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The Paley Center for Media

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