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Social Media Week has taken New York City by storm, as thought-leaders and innovators discuss industry trends and developments. Kicking off Tuesday morning at the Business and Entrepreneurship Hub at Bloomberg HQ was Global Head of Social Media at Ford, Scott Monty. Scott Monty has been ranked by Forbes as one of the Top 10…

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Today, Ford unveiled its new 2014 Ford Fiesta campaign at SMW NYC! It is the first innovative ad campaign created entirely by consumers. The campaign, Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix, will choose 100 social influencers, or “agents,” and give them cars for a year! In exchange, the agents will compete in exciting challenges across major…

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Who Moderated by Peter Himler – President — Publicity Club of New York With Panelists: Anthony De Rosa — Social Media Editor, Thomson Reuters Craig Kanalley — Social Media Editor, NBC News Elizabeth Heron — Social Media Editor, The New York Times Jake Porway — Data Scientist, The New York Times Mat Yurow — Social…

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About this Guest Blogger: Johnny Makkar is a digital marketer who blogs at Attention Digital. You can also find Johnny on Twitter @jsmakr. Crowdsourcing was definitely a hot topic in 2009. It will only continue to become more relevant this year as we witness more brands and their agencies wanting to further experiment or push…

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