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(Photo: Susan McPherson, third from the left, at SMW NYC 2012) Next up in our Advisory Board interview series is Susan McPherson, Senior Vice President and Director of Global Marketing at Fenton Communications: 1. What is you or your organization’s greatest success with social media to date? With Fenton’s support, I’ve had the opportunity to…

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This post is contributed by Social Media Week Advisory Board Member Susan McPherson.    Looking back, I’m feeling a very different emotion than I was at the start of Social Media Week last Monday. Five panels… what was I thinking?  Yes, I was only “formally” participating in three of them, and yes, there was an…

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Last week, we began looking at the organizations behind SMWNYC, making it all happen. Second in our series highlighting our local sponsors is SocialVibe, digital advertising company that builds philanthropy into its core. SVP Sales of North America, Mike Barbeau tells us the story of how it evolved into an award-winning, game changing company- and…

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Games are like ketchup: widely loved and diversely applied, with an appeal rooted in childhood. In fact, a new report reveals that over 90% of U.S. kids aged 2- 17 are gaming today. Yet the gaming generation has been on the rise for three decades, leading to not only an army of young gamers, but…

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Last week we announced the locations of four Content Hubs, each of which will focus on  a specific theme. Over the course of this week, we are going to focus on highlighting each Hub and some of the specific topics that will be featured, as well as how you or your organization can contribute to the programming. The confirmed…

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