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A lot of baby boomers seem to trust that millennials know social media just because they’re millennials. I used to think this too — until I attended Social Media Week six months ago. A career change I went to school for journalism. I decided when I was just 12 years old that it’s what I…

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Digital media’s searchability, sharability and speed are changing the way that we interact with news. Join the conversation as we look at what this means for journalists, marketers and the stories we share! The Art & Science of Storytelling Even as we change the ways in which we consume and share content- some things don’t…

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Let me be honest: I’m sick of seeing posts on LinkedIn looking for volunteers or interns to run social media. Furthermore, many of those that do offer pay, they are only suggesting a $30,000 salary. The fact is this: those businesses misunderstand what social media is about — as do plenty of fresh-faced college graduates…

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Yesterday, we helped get things moving towards SMW NYC with our partners, HuffPost Live. Covering how safeguarding free expression and an Open Internet is still a critical issue, they hosted a dynamic exchange on the current issues facing both our country and the global community, with leading thinkers, including: Jillian York of the Electronic Frontier…

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This is a guest post by Anna Choi.   While the end was near for dedicated attendees of Social Media Week New York City, Friday was just the beginning of my experience. There was no time to waste and after debating over the serious line up of various events, I was ready for my first…

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This is a guest post by our event partner, The Brooklyn Bureau. Mark Anthony Thomas is the Director of City Limits; a New York City based non-profit investigative journalism organization. The Brooklyn Bureau Launch is an official Social Media Week event.   Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, and we’ve…

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Hoda Emam is a student at Columbia’s School of Journalism, and one of ten students providing on the ground coverage of SMWNYC. This is her account, both written and photographic, of “Challenging Conventional Wisdom of Social Media: Socmedia Editors Share Their Latest Ideas.” In the same room that Anthony Shadid’s work was twice decided as…

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Nikhita Venugopa is a student at Columbia’s School of Journalism. She is one of ten students providing on the ground coverage of SMWNYC- all from the student’s perspective. She is providing her report from Keynote: Chris Kaskie, President of Pitchfork Media followed by SoundCtrl’s Creating Music for the Social Web. Day Three of Social Media…

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We’re excited to announce a new addition to the schedule! On Monday February 13 from 12-1pm,  Dan Abrams, founder of Abrams Media Network and TV Personality will be interviewed by  Grant Whitmore, VP of Hearst Magazines Digital Media.  Their discussion will be followed by a panel on the Future of Brand Journalism in Social Media. Space is…

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Matt Wurst is Manager of Digital Communities at 360i. You can follow him on Twitter @mwurst. If video killed the radio star, is Internet killing the print and video stars? And if so, how should current journalists adapt and current journalism students prepare? These are questions that newspapers and television networks are grappling with on…

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Izzy Forman is the Digital Publicity Manager at 360i, where she is responsible for leading a team of digital publicists that builds and nurtures relationships with online influencers (bloggers, editors, forum moderators and fan site creators) to advocate for a brand and its products and services. Monday’s panel on the role of social media in…

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