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The Olympics have always been a time where nations gather around television sets worldwide, and watch to see how their country’s athletes measure up in the grand scheme of things. What’s different this time around, is that social media has evolved so much that this is not the only view we’re getting of the Olympics….

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This post originally appeared on theScore.  What do the NBA Playoffs look like through the eyes of social and factored in social media presences? Well, it would have LeBron James of the Miami Heat winning his first finals MVP. theScore has run some interesting analytics with our old friends at Sysomos and found that James beats…

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This post is a series of blogs contributed by SMW NYC media partner Differences Magazine. To learn more about Differences Magazine and to see the original post by Vivian Nunez, please click here.    Watching any kind of sports game has always been considered a very social experience, but in the last few years that social…

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Matt Wurst is Manager of Digital Communities at 360i. You can follow him on Twitter @mwurst. The sports world has always been defined by lines. Some lines are visible for all to see. Games are played within the lines. Scoring in football or soccer means getting the ball across the goal line. Basketball shooters are…

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