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Selection of Past Speakers from Social Media Week

Seth Sternberg: Founder, CEO of Meebo

Sir Ken Robinson & Dave Stewart

?uestlove: Band Member, The Roots

Max Schorr: Good Inc., Fabio Freye: Facebook, Lauren Hobart: Pepsi, Brian Morrissey: Adweek

Saneel Radia: Dir. of Innovation, BBH Labs

Dick Glover: CEO, Funny-or-Die

Dennis Crowley @dens
Founder & CEO, foursquare

Chris Anderson @chr1sa
Editor in Chief, WIRED

Sir Ken Robinson @SirKenRobinson
Author of The Element: How Finding
Your Passion Changes Everything

Ricardo Galán
Former Press Secretary of the President
of Colombia

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff @drnatalie
Forrester Research

Chris Hughes @chrishughes
Co-founder of Facebook

Courtney Holt
President, Myspace Music

Lauren Hobart
Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo

Fabio Freyre
Vice President, Facebook

Ann Curry @anncurry
Host of Dateline NBC, News Anchor on “Today”

Jake Zimm @jakezim
Vice President of Digital Marketing at 20th Century Fox

Dave Stewart @davestewart
Musician & Entrepreneur, Eurythmics

Dick Glover @gloverd
President & CEO, Funny-or-Die

?uestlove @questlove
Band member, The Roots

Melva Benoit
SVP Consumer Insight and Audience Research at FOX Broadcasting

Juan Carlo di Martin @demartin
Director, NEXA Center for Internet & Society, Politecnico di Torino

Alec Ross @alecjross
Senior Adviser, Innovation in the Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Tye Montague
Former President of JWT

Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee
CEO of Vaynermedia

Nick Denton @nicknotned
CEO, Gawker Media

Max Schorr @maxschorr
Co-founder of GOOD, Inc.

Seth Sternberg
Founder & CEO, Meebo

Catherine Geanuracos @geanuracos
Former GM, Live Earth

Seth Goldstein @seth
Co-Founder, Stickybits

Jamie Kantrowitz @jamiek
Founder, Elastic, & Former SVP, MySpace

Saneel Radia @saneel
Director of Innovation, BBH Labs

Tom Lesinski
President, Paramount Digital