Weibo: A Necessary Tool for Marketing in China

Used to Twitter and Facebook? Try Weibo, Kaixin and Qzone.

Social Media in China is growing at a phenomenal pace, but not using the same portals popular in other countries. Instead China has taken a homegrown approach, with many small startup companies reaching users in the hundreds of millions in a few short years. Weibo is one such example, which uses the same 140 character limit as Twitter, but allows users to post videos, photos and audio. This ability to post media while also using ensuring succinct, character-limited messages, makes it the forum of choice for over 300 million China web users.

Weibo is more than just a microblogging site however, it is also demonstrating its ability to effectively monetize by offering tailored, targeted advertising to users. Having a Weibo presence is becoming fundamental to accessing the consumer market in China, and foreign businesses are increasingly utilizing Weibo to access the Chinese consumer base.

The SMW Shanghai team will be predominantly using Weibo to engage our community. We encourage you to join us there!

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