Meet the Global Team

Toby Daniels

Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week, and CEO, Crowdcentric

Toby Daniels is the CEO of Crowdcentric and the Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week. Toby started Social Media Week as a means to explore how technology is changing the way we connect and communicate. In his spare time, he likes to run marathons, scuba dive, snowboard, travel and surf (sort of).

Nicky Yates

Director of Communications, Social Media Week and Crowdcentric

Before joining Crowdcentric, Nicky Yates led communications and community engagement in the non-profit sector for 4 years with organizations like charity: water and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Nicky is a fan of travel, running marathons in different countries, the beach, psychology, and brunch.

Brian Leddy

Operations Director, Social Media Week, and COO, Crowdcentric

Brian Leddy is COO of Crowdcentric and operations director of Social Media Week. Web entrepreneur with 7 years experience in equity research and operations at Pequot Capital Management. Co-Founded Citiology, a social network focused on NYC nightlife. Enjoys hoops, softball, squash, tennis, ping pong and everything 80’s.

Ben Scheim

Global Director, Social Media Week, and VP, Crowdcentric

Ben Scheim is vice president at Crowdcentric, responsible for sponsorship, media partnerships, and communications. Previously he was manager of the Paley Center for Media’s International Council conferences, a private biannual CEO-level meeting of global media heads. Ben loves music, biking, and technology, and strives to live within a happy cross-section of seriousness and laughter.

Zach Smith

Finance Director, Social Media Week and CFO and CRO, Crowdcentric

Zach Smith is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Revenue Officer of Crowdcentric. Prior to Crowdcentric, he advised companies and investors for 10 years in Derivatives, Corporate Finance and M&A at Citi and Merrill Lynch. Zach’s perfect Sunday would be a morning surf, burrito for lunch, snowboarding in the afternoon and annoying friends by shooting photos of it all.

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