Advisory Board

Social Media Week Torino would not be possible without the guidance and ongoing support from our Advisory Board. Our board has been selected belonging to different areas like web, technologies, media, startup, music, culture, public, etc. to garantee a good coverage of themes. Their collaborations help make Social Media Week a reality.

Advisory Board Members:

Juan Carlos De Martin

Co-Founder and Co-Director, Nexa Center for Internet & Society

more info: Linkedin

Maurizio Ferraris

Italian philosopher and academic

more info: Wikipedia

Luca Morena

Co-Founder of iCoolHunt

more info: Linkedin

Pietro Dotti

CEO at Eggers 2.0

more info: Linkedin

Gianluigi Ricuperati

Italian Writer and Journalist

more info: Wikipedia

Davide Gomba

CEO at Officine Arduino

more info: Linkedin

Max Casacci

Founder of Subsonica

more info: Wikipedia

Sergio Ricciardone

Owner at Situazione Xplosiva since 2000
CEO & Art Director at CLUB TO CLUB FESTIVAL since 2000

more info: Linkedin

Luca De Biase

Co-Founder of Start-Up Italia
Editor at Sole24Ore

more info: Website

Giuseppe Granieri

Editorial Director at 40kBooks
Columnist at La Stampa and L’Espresso

more info: Linkedin

Alessandro Bonino

Founder at
Editor in Chief at Sugaman Editore

more info: Wikipedia

Paolo Giovine

Partner at H-FARM Ventures
Founder at Kisbo Srl

more info: Linkedin

Roberta Milano

PartnerDocente di marketing del turismo presso la facoltà di economia di Genova

more info: Website

Sergio Duretti.

Direttore Generale CSP Innovazione nelle ICT scarl

more info: Linkedin

Fabio Lalli

Founder and President at Indigeni Digitali
Mobile Digital Strategist and Visionary

more info: Linkedin

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