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Ryerson students make something old into something new

Ryerson students make something old into something new


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By Sara Mahmood
Journalism student, Ryerson University

Fur has been around for as long as people have been wearing clothing. In 2011, getting a deal on a cheap fur coat would cost you a couple of hundred bucks. In the 1400s, it would cost you…a couple of knives.

Fur didn’t stay cheap for long: the French and English soon realized the huge potential fur had. For years they tried to monopolize the fur industry and finally, in 1670, Hudson’s Bay Company was formed. The HBC pretty much controlled British North America’s fur trade for the next few centuries.

As fur became more popular, its value increased and suddenly a few knives couldn’t get you anything.

By the 1900s, the fur trade declined so much that the company had to start selling other goods. Now the HBC is more commonly known for the department store, The Bay.

Even though the fur trade isn’t nearly as popular as it was a few centuries ago, fur is still a hot item on the runway. Designers are always looking for new ways to add fur to an outfit and Ryerson’s Furrr Real Project is challenging 3 students to recycle old fur into something new.

Follow the designers @FuRRRRReal and see how they make fur green for next week!

Fur has consistently been a part of fashion since beaver hats became popular in the 1600s