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Going, going, gone mobile!

Going, going, gone mobile!


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One of the greatest challenges within the digital communications industry is keeping up with the constant change – new platforms and technologies emerge, while those existing either improve or flounder. Within the last year social media has become even more mobile, connecting more people in real time, more conveniently than ever. What’s next?

“The mobility of technology is something that is not going to go away and there are many predictions stirring around for 2011 and years to come” says Carolyn Van – head shark at thirdocean.  In addition to managing volunteer logistics, thirdocean is hosting an event for @smwto titled “Making Waves for Mobile” or #mwmobile – where some of Toronto’s app kings will share their insights and first-hand experiences.

BNOTIONS, a growing web agency with roots in Toronto technoculture, is the venue for #mwmobile. When asked what’s next for the agency, Alkarim Nasser, Co-founder of BNOTIONS said “2011 signifies the year of ‘The Product’. With our recent expansion into British Columbia we will be focusing on creating product such as mobile apps that creates value or enjoyment for brands and our digital commune – social interaction and the media that supports it significantly contributes to this value”.

The ‘mobile’ trend was echoed by Katrin Lepik, “We know ‘mobile’ is going to be a big theme for the charitable sector this year”. Katrin is the Director of Mobile at Artez Interactive, a leading provider of fundraising technology. “In 2010 we noted that 7% of traffic on North American donation pages was from mobile devices. We expect that number to increase significantly to something in the ballpark of 30% over 2011.”

The folks at Artez are hosting “Smartphones & Smart Charities” which will bring together a panel of experts and an engaged community to discuss how this emerging channel affects nonprofits.

Here’s more on these two events – which I’m definitely psyched for:

Making Waves for Mobile #mwmobile
A collaborative, open and intimate discussion with some mobile app wave makers on the future of mobile, challenges in the space and their predictions for 2011.


Smartphone & Smart Charities
This session will bring together a panel of experts to discuss how this emerging channel affects nonprofits. What are the challenges associated to engaging in the mobile space? What are the “must haves” for beginners, and what are the barriers to entry? What are the newest & most creative projects to watch in 2011? Bring your questions and get ready for a lively evening!


Don’t fret if you weren’t lucky enough to reserve spots for these two events before they were GONE, you can join the conversation at #smwto and #mwmobile.