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Is fur an inherently bad thing?

Is fur an inherently bad thing?


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By Jelena Djurkic
Journalism student, Ryerson University, FurrrrReal Correspondent

Join Ryerson students for the debate at FuRRR Real: A Design Challenge Exploring Canada’s Heritage and Global Responsibility.

Is wearing fur an inherently “bad” thing?

That’s one of the fundamental questions in the fur debate. The obvious answer to many people
would be “yes.” It is a concept that needs further exploring however, no matter what side of the
debate you’re on.

Let us rephrase the question a little bit to reflect some underlying issues: should humans use
animals for any sort of product?

If you say no to the second question, then you’re probably a vegan. You wouldn’t eat meat, you
shouldn’t be drinking milk or using any by-products of an animal, and you should definitely not be
wearing leather or wool.

But if you had any hesitation, if your answer resembled something more of “no but…” it requires
more questions.

One question that has repeatedly popped up during the FuRRR Real Project is, why do people
wear faux fur? If you’re against wearing real fur and against animals dying for it, shouldn’t the
idea of any fur, real or fake, make you sick? Aren’t you in some way still condoning the fur

The idea of wearing real fur has been a taboo for the last decade. Yet everywhere you go,
you see fake fur, especially on synthetic jackets during the winter. Is it hypocritical to wear
something, even if fake, that promotes the idea of a dead animal? Especially when it’s on a trim
of a jacket that has no purpose other than for fashion?

Maybe there is no definitive answer. Each issue is underlined by complex processes and reasons,
on both sides of the debate. The deeper you investigate, the more there is to talk about. But it’s a
debate worth having. What do you think?