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Not-for-profits leading social media innovation

Not-for-profits leading social media innovation


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During last year’s Social Media Week, I attended an event hosted by Artez Interactive called How to raise #money if you’re not @BarackObama. Like many of the free #SMWTO events, I found it to be more focused and practical than most paid conferences and seminars I had previously attended. Three speakers from not-for-profit groups shared frank insights on not only successes, but failures as well. Over drinks afterward, I met several people who have been crucial in supporting my social media work for WWF-Canada, including my SMWTO community compadre Misty Meeks.

Not-for-profit organizations often have the flexibility (not to mention tiny budgets!) to make social media a good fit. Many NGOs were early adapters of tools like Twitter, and continue to have a strong voice in those spaces. So it’s no surprise that the role of social media in the not-for-profit sector is a hot topic this week.

“Social media lends a global voice to grassroots organizations and non-profits, which often have a hard time relaying their message to the masses,” says Jyotika Malhotra, a digital industry veteran, consultant and co-curator for Social Media Week Toronto.

JWT kicks things off this morning with Social for Social Good – the power, politics and potential of ideas and causes to change the world.

On Tuesday, I’m hosting Competitive Collaboration from the Greener Good: How ENGOs are using social media to build a new level of openness. I’m excited to have experts from WWF-Canada, David Suzuki Foundation and the Nature Conservancy of Canada discuss how we are collaborating for mutual benefit and share learnings from recent campaigns.

On Wednesday, Case Studies from American and Canadian Red Cross examines how social media is being implemented within humanitarian organizations. The event explores the use of the medium for community events, how to gain executive level buy-in and the importance of measurement.

Make Media Matter: Using Social Media to Spread Human Rights Awareness, on Thursday, will educate and inform the public on how to effectively and responsibly converse about human rights issues using the new communication tools that social media offers. Journalists for Human Rights is hosting this great session.

Later on Thursday, Artez will bring charitable sector experts together to discuss the growing convergence of mobile and social media.  Smartphones & Smart Charities: The Mobile Channel for Nonprofits will highlight how mobile media tools are allowing charities to connect with a larger audience of supporters and donors.

Most of these events are full – read here to learn about streaming and how you have a chance to participate through our 15 minute rule.