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Best. Job. Ever. Or, the hunt for a SMWTO Intern.

Best. Job. Ever. Or, the hunt for a SMWTO Intern.


88 days until SMW February 22-26 Conference in Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, and New York. Learn more here.

UPDATE Nov 25, 2011: We have found an intern! Thank you for your interest. If you are still interested in helping out with SMWTO, we’ll be posting volunteer information soon. Also, feel free to send us a shout if you are interested in volunteering.


Are you a recent grad / student looking for some hands on experience in the digital and event space?  SMWTO is looking to hire an intern for the 2012 conference.

Not only will you connect with some of Canada’s coolest brands, top marketing professionals, and be a part of a global movement – you get to work with us at Entrinsic. (And trust me, that’s a job perk in itself.)

Below we’ve included a lot of detailed information on what the internship is, what we can offer and what you will get out of your time with us.

Let us know if you have any questions but apply soon! The deadline to apply is Nov. 25, 5pm.  You can send your resumes directly to Amanda Lynne.

Good luck and we hope to have you working with us soon!



Amanda Lynne

Event Manager, SMWTO / Entrinsic


Questions you may be asking yourself about this posting…

What am I applying for?

Official position is Assistant Event Manager Intern for Social Media Week as presented by Entrinsic. The internship takes place from Dec – March (exact dates to be determined based on availability).


What does that mean?

Social Media Week is a global affair, taking place in multiple cities around the world simultaneously this coming February 13-17, 2012.

Entrinsic’s goal in facilitating SMW Toronto is to advance conversations across Toronto’s creative communities about the impact of social media on business, culture, and society. With panels discussing everything from the implications of social media for journalism to DJs newfound abilities to reach global audiences, SMW Toronto proves a crash-course in social media’s truly astonishing penetration into just about every aspect of business and culture imaginable.

The successful candidate will be reporting directly to the Event Manger, assisting internal team leads and working along side 1 other intern.


What would I be doing?

A small team, your role will involve getting your hands BUSY and FULL with a wide range of projects that may include:

–       Sponsorship coordination  – some cold calling may be required

–       Volunteer coordination / outreach

–       Blogging / social media – assisting with writing, analytics, strategy

–       Being present at all internal team meetings, volunteer training sessions, and full length of conference

–       Scheduling and booking of venues

–       Liaising with venues, sponsors, etc.

–       Working with a team of graphic designers, and internal support staff

–       Other duties as required


What sort of employee are they looking for?

We don’t expect you to come to us with an extensive portfolio – this is why you are interning – but we do have some qualities that we would love to see in our ideal candidate:

–       A love for the word YES.  You might not have done a task before, but challenges excite you and you are ready to do whatever it takes to get a task done.

–       A passion for social media. You don’t have to run your own blog, but social media is an integrated part of your life and goes deeper than just Facebook. You RSS, you game, you love it and are excited about how the industry is changing.

–       Innovative and creative thinking.  Problems aren’t really problems, just roadblocks – and you have the skill set to get through it, make it look easy, and make it look good.

–       Strong attention to detail, ability to multitask, master of organization. Need we say more?

–       Experience with festivals a bonus.  If not, a passion for festivals is a definite bonus.


Who will I be working for?

Entrinsic is a communications agency founded on the belief that new and emerging media are reshaping the way consumers —  and by extension businesses — think, behave, and interact. We understand that a brand’s success in the social sphere relies on artfully weaving together technology and culture to create engagement. At Entrinsic, we develop and foster that engagement strategically, integrating social media touch points with a company’s overall communications to help forge a powerful and lasting connection with a brand’s customers.

From research and design through execution and analytics, we provide a full suite of services and dedicated account management at every step. The result? A robust, customized social media strategy that is tailor made for a brand and all their needs.


Where can I find more information?

If you don’t find what you are looking for over Google (we suggest you do) here are some key sites to check out.



–      @SMWTO or follow: #smwto




What do I get out of working there?

– 3-4 months of practical industry experience

– ability to network and gain industry exposure working in a high profile event

– assistance in arranging information interviews with industry partners

– a glowing letter of reference upon completion


This internship sounds AMAZING, how do I apply?

Tell (or show) us why you want to be a part of the team.  Please include a resume or show us some examples of work you’ve done in the past.