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A word from our sponsor, MediaMiser – There’s more to it than that

A word from our sponsor, MediaMiser – There’s more to it than that


86 days until SMW February 22-26 Conference in Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, and New York. Learn more here.

A word from our sponsor – MediaMiser!

People are talking about your organization, your brand, and the issues that are important to you – but you already knew that. Because your customers expect you to have a social presence, staying on top of these conversations is now a necessity.

But just being on Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough if you aren’t keeping track of the conversation, and that’s where monitoring and analysis enters the picture.

The concept is twofold, and includes social and traditional media monitoring and intelligence. By monitoring social chatter around your organization, you’re instantly alerted to potential issues or crises before they gain traction – helping you to react quickly and efficiently, if need be. Monitoring and analysis helps you manage your brand’s reputation, protect your privacy, build a community and engage your listeners.

But what does it all mean? There’s more to it than just listening to the conversation – you also need to know how to use that knowledge to better your own organization. Social and traditional media intelligence helps identify, analyze and interpret factors, people or events that positively or negatively influence your brand’s identity.

Looking at a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors such as influence rates and tonality, frequency of postings, numbers of mentions and total followers, organizations can identify how their brand is being perceived and tweak their communications efforts accordingly.

Now for the kicker: What if analyzing all that data was free of charge?

Well, for a limited time, it is! MediaMiser is giving away a social and traditional media analysis report, and attendees can enter any time before the end of Social Media Week Toronto to qualify!

The lucky winner will consult briefly with MediaMiser on a suitable topic for their free social and traditional media analysis report. The report will analyze an upcoming event, issue, or limited time frame and will measure a variety of metrics in both social media and online news.