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Social in the Palm of Your Hand

Social in the Palm of Your Hand


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The best part about participating in Social Media Week is the feeling that you are living up to the expectations you had as a child of how cool the future would be. We get to do the coolest things with tech small enough to fit in the palm of our hands.

Photo by Kazi Hirok Al-Arafat, used and modified under Creative Commons License

Today’s theme is Social in the Palm of Your Hand. More and more technology is becoming part of our daily lives and the technology with which we access the world around us is continually getting smaller. From iPods, mobile apps, tablets and even microchip biotechnology – it seems less really is more. Sure, we’ve all heard for several years that this will be “the year of mobile,” but 2012 seems to be the year mobile technology is really taking off.

Today at SMWTO we check out the world of mobile connectivity, team gaming and mobile development. With the power to control the world from our fingertips, how are we using these small machines to change the world?

  • Throughout Social Media Week we’ve been lucky to have Boomurang
    as a global initiative. As a mobile communication app, Boomurang uses a map based interface with viewable locations to mediate real-time collaborative global conversation. This app is an amazing way to catch and engage in conversations at an event, whether or not you can attend it.
  • Gamification: Perspectives from Both Sides. A relatively new concept in the marketing world, gamification is getting a lot of attention. What does it mean? How can I use it to drive engagement with my brand? Here’s an opportunity to get unique perspectives on the practice of gamification from both advertiser and game developer.
  • Happening at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto Travel Massive hosts Getting serious about travel blogging , where a panel of representatives from the travel industry, media, PR and travel writing/blogging will examine the gritty details of travel writing in the digital age. Crossing boarders and oceans no longer means you can’t be connected, and this panel illuminates the brave new world of travel writing.

The odds are in our favour that you are reading this from your smart phone, and perhaps you were able to sign up for some of our SMWTO events through the nifty web-enabled site. Slowly but surely you’ll be able to do everything you need from the palm of your hand. As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.”

For more fun mobile ideas follow the #SMW12 hashtag, look out for our live stream events, and check out Epilogger’s Social Media Week Toronto’s event profile to relive all the glory.