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Sex, Politics and Social Media

Sex, Politics and Social Media


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On Monday night at the Living Social New York Ave. office, a panel of social media moguls revealed their secrets about how they became successful in the social media world amidst the backdrop of Washington, DC. The panel was composed of Shireen Mitchell (@digitalsista), Shana Glickfield (@dcconcierge), Stef Woods (@citygirlblogs), James Norton (@NewAwesomeLife) and Lisa Byrne (@dceventjunkie).

Shana, Stef and James had very similar stories about how they began their social media careers. Each of the three began their own blogs and developed them while still employed at their day jobs. When their blogs really started to take off, they began wondering how the content of their blogs would conflict with the day jobs they held at the time. It came down to a conflict between their personal versus professional lives, and what was appropriate to share in lieu of their professions, otherwise termed as, ‘profersonal.’

The panelists had very informative suggestions about how to build one’s social media awareness. The key question to ask yourself according to James is, “What makes you awesome?”  Figuring out what type of information your friends and social communities rely on you for is what you should build your social platforms around. Keeping your content authentic and accurate was another key point that was recommended by the panelists. If you intend to start a blog, it was recommended to check out competitor’s blogs to see what you like or don’t like, and what you could potentially incorporate into your own content.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were also discussed, with the conversation ranging from what you should put your Facebook relationship as, to what you should include in your Twitter profile.  For example, if you plan to occasionally tweet about politics, then be sure to include that in your Twitter bio so your community is not aghast when you start tweeting about your political views.

Overall, sex, politics and social media was a very intriguing and entertaining look at first-hand accounts of  how to build social media platforms created by innovative professionals located right here in the District. With new social media websites continually emerging, we left the event with one question in mind, ‘What will be the next big thing?’

Written by Gina Rullo, an official Social Media Week DC blogger. Follow her at @GinaMarieRu.