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Calling all Bloggers and Photographers!! Social Media Week will be recruiting a group of official Social Media Week DC bloggers and photographers who will help cover exceptional events and be an integral part to the SMWWDC blog and recap. We are reaching out to anyone that would like to get involved! As a blogger/photographer for Social Media Week,…

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Check out Jill Foster’s video about Social Media Week and come get involved February 13th – 17th! Jill Foster is principal of Live Your Talk and an Advisory Board member for this year’s Social Media Week DC. Follow her at @Jillfoster.    

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Capitol Communicatorand WB&A Market Research launches an economic-sentiment survey of the communications industry in the greater Washington & Baltimore markets. The survey will be live through January 31, 2012. The “State of the Communications Industry” data collected from this survey will be conducted and published quarterly and should provide all communications professionals with valuable insights…

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What is News? A seemingly easy question, with an infinite amount of answers. The latest facts on an international conflict? The movie times at your local cinema? The best barefoot running shoes on the market?Twenty years ago, the majority of people got all their news and information from one or two sources, including their local…

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This is a blog post associated with Social Media Week, but unlike many people associated with this event, I don’t get particularly excited about social media for the sake of social media. I’m not a developer, I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m not an investor, and I’m not a journalist. I’m just a user. To me,…

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Let’s just admit it, we’re crazy about social media. We tweet our breakfast and check-in on the bus while simultaneously Pinning that new pair of Gucci boots and commenting anywhere we can find. We eat, breath and sleep social media all day, every day. But do you ever feel like your commenting, tweeting, hashtagging, Liking,…

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