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Who says Social Media Week DC can’t be all fun and games? In addition to all the topical panels and events, several savvy community and board members have put together events throughout the week designed to let you mingle with other social media enthusiasts like yourself. Beware – these events will be anything but your typical…

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Nowadays, people are tweeting their most personal secrets, their boring daily routines, their very vocal opinions, and sometimes, their not-so-little mistakes. Here at SMWWDC, we know that accidents happen. So what do you do when that Freudian slip becomes a Freudian Tweet for the whole world to see? In this new modern world consumed with…

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Although Social Media Week registration doesn’t begin until January 17th, we’re still busy collecting events and posting them to the SMW Global Schedule. Check out our latest events and add them to your ‘favorites’ so they are ready for your when registration officially opens. We have also just announced our hand selected group of super-talented, socially-savvy Board…

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