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Social Media Week Washington, DC, is brought to you and produced by iStrategyLabs.

iStrategyLabs is a digital and interactive agency that builds online and offline movements through creative marketing, experimental uses of social media, and civic innovation programs of all kinds. We’re creative problem solvers capable of building everything from websites to animated films to massive festivals.

We’ve also just launched a social data visualization and gaming app Grandstand, for brands big and small.

Located in Dupont Circle, iStrategyLabs is at the heart of the DC Tech community, sponsoring monthly DCTech meetups as well as the annual DCWeek.

Meet the Washington, DC Team:


Peter Corbett, founder & CEO, iStrategyLabs

Peter is the founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs – a digital agency that develops solutions to clients’ challenges and brings them to life in the online and offline world. He’s widely known for his marketing acumen coupled with a deep technical background, and a focus on community building. His client work includes brands like Disney, ESPN, ABC, NPR, PBS, GE, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Intel, GEICO, American Eagle Outfitters, Pinkberry, Honest Tea, Coca-Cola, Crate & Barrel/CB2, Chase, Rosetta Stone, The US Army, Deloitte, McKinsey, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Hilton, Double Tree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Marriott, Sweetgreen and more.

His experiences as a hacker beginning at age 9, designer at 12, concert producer and b-schooler in college, TV producer and ad agency strategist combine to provide a perspective that can only be described as strikingly disruptive.

A tireless champion of innovation, and disruptors everywhere – Peter has become a globally sought after speaker and mentor. His network extends deeply across the US, into Finland, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, India and beyond. He remains a definitive connector and leader among Washington DC’s creative and technology community having spent years as a grassroots organizer driven to build a healthy ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the nation’s capital.


Kristen Rudzki, Director of Strategy, iStrategyLabs

Kristen has spent the past 12 years reveling in the PR, marketing, social and digital space building and managing multifaceted campaigns for reputable brands across a number of different industry verticals.

As Director of Strategy, Kristen is focused on addressing clients needs with smart, innovative solutions that merge her traditional PR and marketing background with over 8 years in a pure play social agency. Simply put, Kristen is passionate about doing great work.

A proud Pittsburgh native, Kristen can talk about her undying love of bridges, rivers and The Steelers for hours. She’s a great resource for all things food in the DC area, loves organizing things, coffee, gummy candy, yoga, hiking, running, skiing and has far too much energy to sit around. She’s also a neat freak who despises banana strings.


Audrey Matthias, Creative Strategist, iStrategyLabs

Audrey is an exemplar of the new breed of internet professional- part marketing guru, part social media aficionado, part digital culture personality, her work demands an ongoing reinvention of self-expression in response to the ever-changing environment of contemporary communications technologies. As a Creative Strategist, she brings a deep understanding of the social web and related tools, trends, and methodologies to clients and collaborators (having worked closely with the likes of American Eagle, Disney, and Pinkberry).

She accredits most of her daily mannerisms and occasional slip of an accent to being raised in the south <insert witty comment about her love of kentucky bourbon here>. When not at the office she can usually be found planning epic parties/dinners/ outfits/craft projects or riding her single speed blue bike up to columbia heights. The geek in her occasionally makes an appearance when she admits her deep love of infographics and witty hashtags that define socially awkward interactions. #justsayin


Bryce Rudow, Creative Strategist, iStrategyLabs

Bryce is pop-culture savant with a heart of gold (and a slight case of OCD when it comes to grammar). He brings his extensive experience in social media marketing, a penchant for wordsmithery, and a never-ending stream of inventive concepts to the table in his role as Creative Strategist here at iSL. In the past, he has worked with clients ranging from Saturday Night Live to the NFL Player’s Association and is able to deftly maneuver the often-precarious terrain of the digital marketing landscape.

He is a proud D.C. native (shout out to Sibley Hospital), though he did spend four wonderful years at Boston College learning interesting things about important topics. Currently, when not enjoying his beanbag-turned-desk at iSL, he can be found promoting that loud music those damn kids are listening to these days as part of the All Things Go family, running around various fields as a member of the Washington Irish Rugby Football Club, or reading graphic novels that he will eventually claim are more culturally significant than To Kill A Mockingbird.

Bryce is a fan of terrible puns, puppies, #esoterichashtags, the Green Bay Packers, Wikipedia, and delicious beverages. He hopes that you found this bio entertaining, whimsical, and yet relevant, with an underlying revisionist conceit that bullied the post’s emotional attachment to the subject matter…and that you recognized his paraphrasing of an obscure quote from Wayne’s World.


Emily Tavoulareas, Creative Strategist, iStrategyLabs

Since 2007, Emily has been blending social media, social entrepreneurship and international development. As a Creative Strategist, she works with clients to identify the most meaningful, high-impact, and exciting ways to achieve their goals through social media. Prior to joining the iStrategyLabs team, Emily led digital strategy for a series of Ashoka Changemakers competitions, sourcing innovation from social entrepreneurs around the world. She also spent nearly three years coordinating a unique public-private partnership promoting social entrepreneurship in the Middle East, and found exciting new ways to incorporate emerging social technologies into the program. She has worked with clients and partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors, and is fascinated by the ways in which the digital world is shaping the non-digital world.

Emily holds a Masters in International Affairs from American University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from The College of William and Mary. You will often hear her yammering on about good governance, civic engagement, empowering civil society – and the role of technology in all three. She has a weakness for the Mediterranean, truffle oil, feather earrings, the smell of old books, french fries with ranch dressing, music that doesn’t fit neatly into a genre, and dresses with pockets.


Erica Goodwin, Creative Strategist, iStrategyLabs

Erica is an eager strategist with a love for collaboration, innovation, social media, and research. Understanding clients down to their core and creating a cohesive finished product between all mediums is a passion that Erica has followed throughout her life. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design and furthered her skills by working in graphic design and web development for the last 3 years.

Erica has been living in Arizona for the last 6 years and is brand new to D.C., as is evidenced by the large pile of parking tickets on her windshield. When not at the office, Erica can be found giggling compulsively, traipsing down the U-Street corridor, or getting lost en route to her house.


Katie Lancos, Creative Strategist, iStrategyLabs

With a combined background in graphic design, web development, and event management, Katie brings a lot to the table in her core role as a creative strategist. Her holistic approach to clients, collaborators, and projects is fueled by her unique skill set, a passion for all things digital, and an unhealthy love for numbers and analytics.

Katie graduated from Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Relations and Digital Communications at Georgetown University. Between work, school, dislocating her shoulder in water polo, winning Iron chef competitions, planning epic tailgates, and reading the Hunger Games en francais, she chooses to remain sleep deprived.


Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week, and CEO, Crowdcentric

Toby Daniels is the founder & CEO of Social Media Week and CEO of Crowdcentric. He’s an entrepreneur with 12 yrs experience in digital media, has managed an interactive agency in London for the past 7 yrs, and helped launch Mint Digital in the US.
He is also the co-founder of ThinkSocial. In addition to entrepreneurship, he enjoys running, jumping, diving, and eating.