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Thanks for your interest in becoming an Event Partner for Social Media Week. To become an Event Partner you must sign-up or login to access the application form.

Please contact your local city organizer if you have any questions or inquiries. If your event is approved, you will be notified within two weeks of the submission deadline.

Event submission for September’s edition of Social Media Week 2016 (London, Miami, Mumbai, and São Paulo) is now CLOSED.

Event Submission for SMW November is CLOSED as of Sept 9, 2016 for these 3 cities.

  • Chicago
  • Rotterdam
  • Santiago


Event Submission for SMW February 2017 will open November 2, 2016.  The deadline for submission is December 2.

  • Hamburg
  • Jakarta
  • Lagos
  • New York


To learn more about becoming an event partner, check out our Event Partner Guide.

Download SMW Event Partner Guide

Why become an Event Partner?

  • Engage your organization in the conversation that is relevant to your cause or industry
  • Gain recognition as a thought-leader or influencer in your field
  • Position your organization on a global stage to gain exposure and credibility for your work
  • Develop valuable relationships with new prospects, partners, and clients


How does it work?

  • Review the Event Partner guidelines for ideas and inspiration
  • Fill out the initial submission form
  • Local city organizer reviews your submission
  • If successful and your event gets approved, you will be notified by the local city organizer
  • Instructions will be sent to you on how to publish your event to the schedule
  • Our event system allows you to manage and process registration


Who can apply?

Startups, small agencies, big agencies, large corporations, non-profits, government agencies, schools, universities plus many more.

What kinds of events do we look for?

  • Themes, topics and conversations that serve the greater good
  • Experiences that integrate technology and/or multimedia in value-adding ways
  • Content that pushes the boundaries, provides thought leadership and shares fresh insights
  • Formats and an approach that feels open, collaborative & inclusive
  • Topics that are provocative, facilitate two-way dialogue, interactive discussions and heated debates
  • Actionable and applicable ideas that can be implemented by the participants
  • Participants who have proven credibility in their respective fields


How much does it cost?

There are no fees in becoming an Event Partner.
If you would like to discuss becoming a sponsor, fill out our Get Involved form to learn how your brand can engage with Social Media Week’s global audience.

Can I apply to speak at #SMW for the November Edition?

Yes, you can submit a Speaker Application form, and if there is a speaker opening, we will be in touch with potential applicants.