What can social media do for Berlin?

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Social Media Week Berlin 2011 starts on September 19 – one day after the city-state holds an election to choose its political leaders for the next five years.
The Berlin election will be a great diving board to launch into SMW. What role will social media play in the election? And more generally, what can social media do for the city?
How can we use our networks of interaction and communication to make Berlin a more dynamic, exciting, democratic, inclusive, interactive, creative and productive place?
These kinds of discussions and more will take place during the five days of SMW. But the exact shape and content of the week will also depend on what the audience wants to do, say, and hear. SMW Berlin will be driven largely by input from social media users.

So what do you want to talk about? Which speakers would you like to see in Berlin? What kind of events would you like to participate in? We want to hear from you!


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