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The concept of social media is already morphing into new and exciting forms as it is combined with mobile phones, mapping, and games. New forms of mobile social media are emerging as creative developers come up with new ways to encourage us to interact with people and locations around us through the medium of the handset.

That’s why is exciting to have Nokia join this year’s Social Media Week Berlin as Hub Partner. Nokia will enhance the entire experience through the NokiaConnects platform, a way for visitors to keep track of their events, follow tweets related to them, and interact with other attendees. All registered attendees can already log in to NokiaConnects.

Additionally, Nokia is providing direct support for a series of events in Berlin spread across a wide variety of topics:

Gamification is a fast-rising buzzword, and one we’ll hear a lot more about in the future. It refers to the use of mobile phones, location-based aps, and games. One of the leading experts on gamification is Gabe Zichermann, who will visit Berlin to talk about this exciting new field.

A related but different concept is the rise of location-based services offered via your phone. This is of interest to general users, but also brands wishing to enhance the visitor’s experience to a location. Nokia’s head of mapping, Sylvain Grande, will give a keynote address on “Location and Social Space.” As part of this same event, Nokia’s Alex Oberberg will present a case study of how this was successfully put to use in a campaign.

The revolution in Egypt early this year revived the concern over government blockage of internet connections and social networks. The “Around The Blocks” panel event, sponsored by Nokia, will address this provocative topic.

On Thursday, the focus of Social Media Week turns to careers in social media. How can students equip themselves with the skills needed to work in this booming industry? And how can others use social media to get jobs or improve their reputation? These questions will be answered during two Nokia-supported employment-related session; “Working In Social Media”, and Why your online profile is more important than your CV.

And finally, there will be a surprise for some Social Media Week visitors, who may walk away from these events with a hands-on and permanent Nokia experience in their pocket! Details coming soon!

Monday September 19, 8pm
Gamification: Keynote – Gabe Zichermann // hosted by Nokia

Wednesday September 21, 8pm
Around the Blocks – Activism in Censored Countries // hosted by Nokia

Wednesday September 21, 8pm
Location and Social Space // hosted by Nokia

Thursday September 22, 2pm:
Jobs & Social Media: Why your online profile is more important than your CV // hosted by Nokia

Thursday September 22, 3pm
Working in Social Media: How to get a job in social media // hosted by Nokia

Thursday September 22, 7pm
Freedom of Speech in a public private space // presented by Co:llaboratory // hosted by Nokia

Friday September 23, 9pm
Official Social Media Week Closing Party



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