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Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology's impact on business, society, and culture.

Because the merrier the better, we are happy to announce our cuvée 2012 advisory board! Twenty two social media gurus coming from fields ranging from education to music, from politics to lifestyle blogging!

For our third edition we will create an event that investigates how social media empowers change through collaboration. Our board will help us shape the event into an exploration of the myriad realities and possibilities of this now settled medium.The advisory board is the “ideas committee” who will shape the theme, select the topics, suggest speakers, and curate events during Social Media Week. We have already started brainstorming sessions and we can already tell you that unexpected themes will be covered.

With such a broad base we are sure that Social Media Week Berlin 2012 will be a great and yet useful event to understand the new way the world goes…


Advisory board members:

  • Anne Roth, journalist and media activist, blogger (annalist).
  • Caroline Drucker, head of Etsy Germany.
  • Jess Erickson, managing and PR director at FourSektor.
  • Andrea Frahm, marketing & social media consultant, author.
  • James Glazebrook, freelance writer, blogger (überlin) and social media consultant.
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer, politics and online communication expert.
  • Karsten Wenzlaff, founder and CEO of Ikosom.
  • Michelle Thorne, global event strategist at Mozilla.
  • Basti Hirsch, education specialist.
  • Holger Dietrich, lab manager at You Is Now.
  • Simone Janson, journalist and founder of Berufebilder.
  • Yan Minagawa, community manager, developer and entrepreneur.
  • Jens Best, digital activist, political scientist, entrepreneur.
  • Roman Hänsler, Co-founder of aka-aki and consultant.
  • Simon Redfern, Open Bank Project founder and TESOBE CEO.
  • Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke, co-founder of Ikosom and
  • Alper Cugun, founder of hubbub.
  • Jona Hölderle,  founder of and
  • Delia Dumitrescu, trend researcher, co-founder of the Pow Wow Labs.
  • Sebastian Haselbeck, community manager at Co:llaboratory.
  • Willempje Vrins, founder of figurerunning.
  • Ekatarina Karabasheva, advisory board member.


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